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Strawberry Full Moon SuperMoon

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

On June 24th at 11:40 AM PDT, the Sun is stationed at 3 degrees Cancer 28 minutes, opposite the Moon at 3 degrees Capricorn 28 minutes. We’ve just experienced the Summer Solstice; the first day of Summer, setting us up for this last SuperMoon of 2021. Both of these signs are Cardinal, the first of their seasons. We are blessed with initiative, ambition and goals that improve our lives under these signs. But the Sun in Cancer is a Water sign, quite different from the Moon in Capricorn/Earth sign. Let me explain.

When we have a Full Moon, we ALWAYS have the Sun and Moon in opposite signs. They are ALWAYS in the same mode or qualities, as in Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable (First, second or third month of a season) So, each month we have the opportunity to work on and challenge our beliefs when dealing with one of each of the three modes. This month (Cardinal), we are looking at our ability to begin anew, the summer season. This Full SuperMoon is called the Full Strawberry Moon; and I am here to tell you it is perfectly named, as my strawberries are ripening now!

We are looking at ourselves through the

Sun’s lens in Cancer (emotional, sensitive, empathetic) and the Moon’s lens of Capricorn (the material builder, practical, success oriented). Where is the harmony or disharmony between these parts of ourselves? How do we better our own selves in these departments? The Full Moon brings these opposite energies to our attention in order to balance the way we behave and what we believe in. Are we secure enough (Cancer) to create (Capricorn)? Do we feel (Cancer) like we deserve to climb up the ladder of success (Capricorn)?

At the same time there is a Sextile from the Full Moon to Jupiter at 2 degrees Pisces. This aspect brings more harmony, good fortune and joy to the mix. It adds a complimentary Water element (Pisces) that softens the blow of whatever needs to be admitted. The Water signs are soothing and compassionate, and when looking at what keeps us from performing in the world as we wish we could, this loving energy reminds us we are all loved by our Creator and are here to Co-Create. Maybe we’ve believed things that kept us from being all we could be when we heard it in our youth, but we are no longer children with hurt feelings. We are fully capable of extending our creative selves in whichever direction we are drawn to.

Cancer energy brings new ideas to the kitchen, nutritious and delicious! Capricorn wants to make the kitchen more efficient and beautiful! Wherever your creativity lies, explore it under these conditions to free yourself from your past interpretation and try something new!

Another great activity is gardening, bringing in edibles and beautiful flowers that are colorful and fragrant. This lightens our mood, keeps us nurturing and being nurtured. This time of the year you can’t go wrong creating a garden space, whether in pots on a deck, or a planting bed, or a full fledged garden large enough to grow food for yourself and others. Connecting with nature in this way you are part of the cycles of life. The more you go outside and leave your phone or computer in the house, the more you will be directed by your inner guidance on how to improve yourself and your life.

The other planets involved in this event are Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius. These two Air signs bring the intellect to the party, with a variety of ideas and profound realizations. Also, Venus in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces, lending more positive emotional compassion and kindness. Trines are very positive and flowing energies.

At the same time the “Grand Fixed Cross” we had on the Summer Solstice has become a T-Square between Mars in Leo, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius. These fixed signs will challenge our behavior, enlisting our stubbornness to keep us from change. In this T-Square, we look at Uranus in Taurus as the outlet for change. It points to the huge potential change in how we look at money, wealth, love and good fortune. It reminds us that all of us are worthy, here to Co-Create beauty, contentment and well being. Uranus is the planet of change, and if we don’t get stuck in the process, we can work with the Taurus energy to change our world, and how we fit in it.

So on this Full SuperMoon, celebrate the possibilities! Look at what is waiting for you on the other side of the tunnel, where the light is shining through. It may look like a dark passage, but the rewards are well worth it.

Judy Crescenzo


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