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Cancer New Moon

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

On July 9th at 6:16 PM PDT the Sun and Moon conjoin at 18 degrees Cancer 1 minute. At this moment, we also have many planets involved in many aspects that affect the Sun and New Moon. We have a grand opportunity here if we know how to navigate it.

To begin with, the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. It is the sign of the Mother, home, and family. This Water Sign is very sensitive and compassionate, and very strong as well. It is a Cardinal sign; one who leads and delegates. The energy is very resourceful, finding ways to respond to stimuli through listening to the inner voice, or intuition. It is a passive sign, but active energy, and wants to be busily working on whatever is necessary. So when the Moon is in Cancer, we naturally think about what is most comforting, familiar, and emotional. And, when it’s a New Moon, we have a brand new cycle ahead of us.

First the good news;) The Sun and Moon are sextile Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus. A sextile is a harmonic aspect between planets and luminaries. The planet Uranus represents freedom, change, thinking outside the box. It compliments these luminaries in Cancer, in the sign of Taurus, as it directs our attention to the Earth and it’s well being. It sustains us, after all, and we are the guardians.

The Sun and Moon are trine Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces. An even more fortunate aspect; the trine delivers flowing energies from Neptune adding more care and empathy for ourselves and others. This Water sign can see how to proceed by looking at past experiences and making new choices. Pisces is the sign of endings, rules the last house of the Zodiac, and shows us what is important to look at before making new beginnings.

Here come the challenges! The Sun and Moon are opposite Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn.The opposition brings high drama, mood swings, relationship issues to the party. Pluto wants to bring transformation through whatever means necessary, so to get ahead of this, look at what pushes your buttons. What stresses you out, makes you feel like you need changes, but looks like it’s impossible. Dig deep for the answers so you're not stuck regretting an outburst. Pluto in Capricorn is concerned with business, finances, and practical affairs. Iron out the wrinkles in your life as presented to you on this occasion; expect the unexpected.

Venus and Mars are conjoined in the sign of Leo. A very proud sign, Leo is a Fire sign, full of fury and initiative. Venus represents what we love and value, and Mars shows the actions we take and the courage we have. Unrelated to the New Moon, but happening simultaneously, these planets square Uranus. Where Uranus was blessing the Sun and Moon, it is challenged by Venus and Mars. Venus under this effect wants emotional excitement, love and romance, and the freedom to explore. Mars is restless, impulsive and rebellious. So a sudden attraction to someone new? An infatuation can happen that interferes with the status quo. If any of this rings true, you might consider getting to work on this before it becomes a melt down;) Venus and Mars also oppose Saturn at 11 degrees Aquarius. Venus in Leo craves love, but opposite Saturn, intimacy is difficult. It reminds us of those who undervalue us, take advantage of us. Mars under this influence can struggle with anger and frustration, denying the self and it’s needs in order to take care of business.

So the opportunity lies in the ability to seek the higher ground, to open our hearts to our loved ones and care deeply for them, as well as us. Cancer is the sign of the nurturer, and we can all use some care and kindness. These other planets shake up our calm to redirect our energies to what we can make out of the present. The Sun and Moon tell us to look through our past to see the way to the future. No more mistakes made after lessons learned. Under this influence we must hold ourselves to a higher standard in order to gain our own respect. Life is full of choices; now is the time to make those choices and to live by them. Consistently.

This is a grand occasion for an evening adventure with good food and good company. Share what you have with others, and enjoy your creation!

Judy Crescenzo

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