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New Moon in Leo on August 8th

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

On August 8th, at 6:50 AM PDT, the Sun and Moon are stationed at 16 degrees Leo 14 minutes. At that moment, we begin another cycle with our thoughts, visions and hopes leading the way.

We are in the middle of summer, and this double Leo energy is powerful! The Sun is full throttle and everything from plants, animals, insects, to people are thriving. Now is the time to set the bar high with our goals for this New Moon cycle. Just what can we accomplish?

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and like the Sun this energy shines brightly. Leo is a fire sign, mighty, high powered, authoritative and strong. It’s a no nonsense sign that strives to lead through domination, whether it’s creatively or stubbornly. Being a fixed sign, it is unshakable. It’s high potential can be lost on those whose charts don’t support it’s blaze, and can inspire arrogance, self pity and victim consciousness.

There are some major aspects to this duo that shake things up a bit. Uranus is stationed at 14 degrees Taurus, squaring the Sun and Moon. This aspect will rattle your cage if you feel unduly limited, frustrated, or not content. You may have to experience unexpected changes, nervousness, unsettling feelings in order to get to the source of your obstacles. This planet in the sign of Taurus is looking for unconventional practicalities. New ways to deal with normal things. Getting past the feelings that justify our own shortcomings, that keep us on a perpetual cycle of unhappiness.

The duo has a wide conjunction with Mercury at 23 degrees Leo. This lends the intellect to the mix. This can help or hurt depending on your self esteem. The plus side is the tendency to think big, to examine the potentials of what you can accomplish with this fiery combination of energies. There is much to gain with the right mindset. But, if you already feel you are stuck and unhappy, this can gain momentum and become a full on pity party;) My suggestion is to do some inner work before this New Moon.

Spirit is showing me making lists. Lists of pros and cons. Starting with current goals

that are creative. What do you wish to create? Something about yourself, your environment, or maybe your abilities? See where your writing lands, on the pros or cons side. For instance, I want to clear my garden of the plants that are finished producing (pro side), but I’m so tired, or busy or some excuse to do it (con side). So what to do about it. Then I write how to best deal with this creatively! Leo energy is so creative, and with the Sun, Moon and Mercury working together the solutions are endless!

The important thing here is to think outside the box, color outside the lines. Yes it feels wrong, but why? We have been conditioned to do things a certain way since we were born, and now is the time to change that. Fearlessly, like Leo the Lion, charge ahead and attack our conditioning and transform ourselves into a more adaptable, flexible, and unlimited version of ourselves. The power of these planets and luminaries support these changes, so why not now?

The New Moon will set the course for the possibilities of these goals to be met on the Full Moon later in the month. Feel the pride in yourself that the Sun in Leo inspires, and celebrate the prospect of arriving at the new you. Every time you change your mind about some fear, phobia, or obstacle, you free yourself from unnecessary pain and suffering. Stop repeating, start changing!

Judy Crescenzo

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