• Spiritual Counselor

  • Functional Nutrition Reflex Analysis Practitioner

  • Cellular Healer

  • Therapist at Passages Addiction Treatment Center 

  • Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassador  

  • Creates CONCIERGE treatments teams for Addiction and/or Emotional Breakdowns



Jennifer Schaefer is a Cellular Healer (connecting to the cells to awaken them to a higher vibration of balance that creates vital health in the Emotional, Spiritual and Physical bodies). She guides you from the "darkness into the light" which allows you to be in the motion of "empowerment" rather than feeling powerless to your life circumstances. 

Jennifer has studied human behavior for over 16 years. Her philosophy to deep transformational healing is aligning your Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Bodies -- meaning you must treat the “whole” being to have lasting health. Her background studies include nutrition, whole food supplements, anatomy, toxins, spiritual science, muscle testing, threading (intuitive connection), guided imagery, deep relaxation and many other techniques.


Because of her diverse background studies, Jennifer's intuitive abilities and unconditional love & support for each client, she is highly sought after. Jennifer has built a diverse and loyal client base that includes high profile celebrities, professional athletes, musicians and on-air personalities.

She has Spiritual Awakening Retreats in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Bali, Indonesia.


Jennifer found that by being honest and open with her own personal struggles, she has been able to create groundbreaking techniques to guide people to their own individual, inner strengths so they can reach their greatest potential and wellness.

Jennifer has been featured in many articles about her unique and "spot on" abilities to help others transform. She has appeared on television shows to help guide people to more deeper and meaningful healings as well as being a guest on many radio and podcast shows.


Bali was an amazing adventure I will not forget. Loved it is not strong enough!


Jennifer guides you into the magic with an immersive experience of the culture, spirit and healing energy of Bali. It was the most relaxing and restoritive, mentally and physically, vacation I have ever taken. I walked away with new relationships and better relationships with people that were not even there (and ones that were! including my relationship with myself).

  • KP


Bali met my expectations tenfold.  It's a magical place and Jennifer is a magical being.  She helped us feel loved and so welcomed.  The visits to the Bali healers, temples, spas, sound baths, etc were exceptional.  The accommodations were amazing.


I gained so much self-love, healing and wisdom on this retreat.  I was reminded that all the love and acceptance I craved and answers to any questions were all inside of me.  I do not need to seek outside approval and always know that I am loved by source.  Jennifer is an incredible teacher and healer who provides us with tools and wisdom on how we can heal ourselves. I also felt a deep connection with the group - we are all on different journeys but can relate to the overall desire to love and accept ourselves. The last night of processing in Amed was beautiful - I let you discover this for yourself! One word ~ Magical!


I loved both Ubud and Amed.  The villas were beautiful, the home cooked meals were so delicious and comforting.  Morning rooftop restorative yoga was so healing.  I would love to attend another one of Jennifer's retreats.  I will hold this retreat close to my heart for many years to come.




Jennifer Schaefer and I talked on the phone and within 30 minutes she came up with a plan a for me that changed my life.





"I felt safe and supported by Jennifer as she led me skillfully through my first journey. She is wonderfully instructive and nurturing which is so crucial with hypnosis."



Valley Village

"Jennifer was amazing when I was having trouble concieving, and then a lifesaver when it came to finding my truth as a mother. I was able to find my time and truly enjoy the stressful times with a smile!"



Los Feliz

"I was so blessed to have found Jennifer. She knew how to get right down to the chase of my depression. I've been to years of therapy and I have NEVER had anyone understand me and help me feel peaceful and powerful at my first appointment. She truly is a magical human! It took me 3 weeks to get a session and it was worth the wait!. So I suggest you book her asap to get on the road to healing fast."



Los Angeles

"If you're looking for a miracle, you have found it! I can't say enough about this lady! I have referred here to every single one of my family members and friends. Everyone needs a Jennifer in their life to help guide them, teach them and nurture them!"



San Fransisco

When I was going through my divorce I was urged by a friend to go call Jennifer, at first I was skeptical because I didn't know what she did and my friend couldn't explain it. But I have to tell you it was out of this world and I've never felt better!



New York

"Jennifer is amazing, a true angel. I am so blessed to have her in my life and to be a huge part of my journey back to a "normal" life.  I have been to hell and back and Jennifer has been there for me through thick and thin. She has guided me in a loving and caring way.  She has been a bright light through the darkest and scariest time of my life, more than anyone could ever imagine.  She is truly gifted and has helped me deal with deep-rooted issues that have stopped me for many years from my true potential and with her help and guidance I am excited about life again.  I could not have gotten to this place in my mind and heart without her."



Studio City

"I love food.  Like all the love relationships, mine with food has been a journey.  Jennifer has been my partner in my healing process, her intuitive touch has directed me into the right path with nutrition and health.  She's has a plethora of knowledge.  If you're looking for an intuitive healer who's calling is to serve a higher purpose towards healing, Jennifer is your healer. She travels to ancients parts of the world to discover new ways to heal the body using muscle testing, nutrition and energy work."




"I have been seeing Jennifer for years and I am still constantly amazed by her intuitive abilities; her knowledge and her laser-focus on truth.  She has helped me heal old wounds and empowered me to bring purpose, joy, truth and love into my life.  I am forever grateful to her for changing my life!"




Saint Paul

“Jennifer is one of the most centered and insightful people I've ever met. She was able to help me in many areas in my life and I feel so grateful to have found her. ”