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Jennifer Schaefer, C.Ht.



  • Spiritual Counselor

  • Functional Nutrition Reflex Analysis Practitioner

  • Medical Intuitive and Cellular Healer

  • Therapist at Passages Addiction Treatment Center 

  • Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassador  

  • Creates CONCIERGE treatments teams for Addiction and/or Emotional Breakdowns



Jennifer Schaefer, C.Ht.
Jennifer has a high-profile, global clientele with whom she heals in person at her
office in Studio City or via Skype, FaceTime, and phone sessions.


Jennifer Schaefer is a medical intuitive and cellular healer -- meaning she connects to the cells to awaken them to a higher vibration of balance, creating vital health in the Emotional, Spiritual and Physical bodies. 


She has been practicing diverse healing methods since the age of 16 and studied human behavior for over three decades. Her knowledge expands across all modalities of healing, including nutrition, whole food supplements, anatomy, toxins, spiritual science, muscle testing, threading (intuitive connection), guided imagery, deep relaxation, etc. Her formal education of the subtle body began at Hypnosis Motivational Institute at age 27, specializing in Creative Visualization, NLP, Hypno-Doula, etc. 


Because of her diverse background and studies, Jennifer's intuitive abilities combined with her unconditional love and support for each client, makes her highly sought after. Jennifer has built a diverse, loyal client base of high profile celebrities, professional athletes, musicians, on-air personalities and everyone in between.


She has the ability to tap into your body’s hydrogen, without touch, and test the four chambers of the heart (emotional, spiritual, physical, energetic) to communicate with your subtle body. Unlike most talk therapists, Jennifer breaks through what the mind is hiding and directly connects to your cells. As she tunes into the body, she locates blockages, determines how long it has been there (since a certain age, number of years, months, weeks, or days), what activated it, and then clears the block on the spot. 


Jennifer guides you from the "darkness into the light," allowing you to be in the motion of empowerment, rather than feeling powerless to your life circumstances.


Jennifer believes in order to ignite deep transformational healing, one must align the Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Bodies, treating the “whole” being to achieve lasting health. 


We all have the ability to be “intuitive,” we were born to listen, to act and to respond to our world by our inner wisdom. We have three options we can make when life presents a choice; the high road, the middle road or the low road. We are here to learn and grow through lessons, but how we CHOOSE to learn them is our “free will.” When we learn how our body communicates to us, our “highest road.” We will start making life choices that make us feel inspirational and powerful, enabling us to gain true confidence in ourselves. We become empowered to live a purposeful life with love and happiness.


By being honest and open through her own personal struggles, Jennifer has created groundbreaking techniques to guide her clients to their own inner strengths, allowing them to reach their greatest potential and wellness.



She has Spiritual Awakening Retreats in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Bali, Indonesia.

Media & Press

Jennifer has been featured in many articles about her unique and "spot on" abilities to help others transform. She has appeared on television shows to help guide people to more deeper and meaningful healings as well as being a guest on many radio and podcast shows.

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