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New Moon in Virgo September 17th, 2020 at 4 AM PDT

This is the sign of the harvest, and the time is ripe for creating order in our creation. If we look at our lives as a metaphor for our garden and how it’s ready to pick and gather what we have sewn in the time between now and our last New Moon in Leo, we can see what has grown abundantly and what has withered on the vine.

With the Sun and Moon in Virgo at 25 degrees, we look at the other planets and relationships to these luminaries. The good news is we have a Saturn trine, at 25 degrees Capricorn. This is a beneficial relationship, as it supports the serious side of Virgo that wants to create solutions to the practical concerns of life such as health, meaningful work, and successfully managing routines.

This energy is detail oriented, and wants to look at everything analytically and without undue emotion in order to solve issues. It is a sign that is highly critical of waste, abuse, and selfishness so kindness is in order here. An open heart to one’s self as well as others assists in using this energy properly.

We also have an Inconjunct from these luminaries to Mars at 27 degrees Aries. Mars in Aries is “me” oriented, where the Sun and Moon are in “we” thinking. With the inconjunct we have adjustments to make, so see where in yourself this balance or imbalance lies. This time calls for generosity, as we have only to give of ourselves and our skills and talents. Virgo is in service to humanity and we need to look at where we are in service to ourselves and others. Are we healthy? Enjoying our work and service, or resentful of our obligations? Is our house in order or are we living in squalor? We have an opportunity here to organize our lives with the assistance of these energies.

Rather than a journey that takes us to our subconscious, I choose to consciously pick a job to do like cleaning out a closet. Tear it apart, take everything out, and objectively see what we need and what we should let go of. You can be very generous here, seeing what you have and haven’t used, needed, or relied on that someone else can benefit from.

These “things” in our closets are at times kept for all the wrong reasons. Something we used to wear when our body was different, stuff we used to use; or got when we thought we needed it but really didn’t. Exercise gear we fell out of love with. Stacks of old reading materials that we have read but don’t trust we will remember what we learned from them. It’s time to unclutter in order to have our lives organized and efficient. When we stockpile old elements in the material world it limits our ability to create what we need in our lives now. We are ever changing, and with that understanding allow yourself to finally let go of what you have been holding on to, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Once you have boxed and bagged up your donations for others, and put what you are keeping back into your closet, don’t you feel lighter? Doesn’t the closet space look clean and free from the debris of the past? Now is the time to celebrate this New Moon with pride in yourself and confidence knowing you can let go of attachments you don’t need. This exercise works on the conscious and unconscious level. You can set your goals with the knowledge you are creating from a clean slate, free of fear of letting go.

Judy Crescenzo

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