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The Vernal Equinox and Two Eclipses

On March 19th, 2024, at 8:06 PM PDT the Sun enters 0 degrees Aries 0 minutes, marking the first moment of Spring! Every year cultures around the world celebrate the return of the Sun, after experiencing long winter months. This year we are especially blessed as following and part of this event will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 25th of March, when the Moon is Full in the sign of Libra. The entire event will be visible from most of North America and South America, and the Pacific Ocean. Then, on April 8th we have a Total Solar Eclipse, crossing over North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The total solar eclipse will begin over the South Pacific Ocean. Weather permitting, the first location in continental North America that will experience totality is Mexico’s Pacific coast at around 11:07 a.m. PDT. The path of the eclipse continues from Mexico, entering the United States in Texas, and traveling through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Small parts of Tennessee and Michigan will also experience the total solar eclipse. The eclipse will enter Canada in Southern Ontario, and continue through Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Cape Breton. The eclipse will exit continental North America on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Let’s begin with why these three events are connected. A HUGE doorway is opening, the veil is thinning, and together these series of events bring us all a grand opportunity to release what no longer serves us in our lives. Have you been experiencing a crisis in your life, possibly with health, your career, or relationships, just to mention a few? Things you have been putting off until later to manage and deal with? Well, wait no longer, as they will erupt and demand consideration and healing now. There are times in life where we just cannot do one more thing, or so we tell ourselves. This period of time is like a clean up crew coming into your life and demanding your attention. This is happening because it’s time to leave the past behind, deal with the consequences of actions or inaction, and climb the ladder to our highest version.

The Vernal Equinox begins the Spring season with the Fire Sign of Aries every year. This is a turning point that starts the Solar Year. We move from the Mutable Water sign of Pisces to the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries; very different energy. One marks the ending and the next the genesis of a new year. The Fire element provides us the needed power to see what lies ahead, if we do the work to create it. This happens most easily if we do some writing, listing what it is we wish to accomplish. I want you to look beneath the surface for what continues to keep you from taking action to clear the blocks in your life. Possibly fear of what will happen if you do; changes in your life. Change can be scary for people, especially if you've become accustomed to living with issues. I hear some out there complaining about their lives as if they are stuck in a rut. But with courage and foresight, better decisions for our well being can be made.

Now the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. What happens during a penumbral lunar eclipse? The Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth's shadow, the penumbra. This type of eclipse is not as dramatic as other types of lunar eclipses and is often mistaken for a regular Full Moon. But unlike standard Full Moons, the amplification of this event will provide us with true healing of our emotional bodies. If we face what is no longer serving us emotionally, say a misunderstanding from the past, or a hurtful moment where things were said or done that left a scar on your feelings of self worth, this Eclipse will serve as a guide to our healing. As mentioned, the veil between the seen and unseen is very thin, affording us the opportunity to see all sides of an issue. It begins like this: I wonder why that person said what they said, for instance. If you prepare yourself by asking Spirit to enlighten you so you can fully understand what took place, possibly by meditating or seeking quiet refuge, you will receive the answer from within. It may sound like: that person had just experienced a loss of someone they love and needed you to be the receptacle of all their pain. This can take place unconsciously by the one who hurt you, nothing personal, yet you took it and ran with it. Now you can put it behind you knowing you weren't at fault, just at the receiving end of someone else's sadness. Let it go while imagining a wind is blowing through and around your body releasing your sadness. Maybe even take a bath with salts to clear out your body’s emotional pain once and for all. Remind yourself you are loved; and those who love you most, your Guides, are there to help.

Next, the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024. Astrologers believe Solar Eclipses are to bring forth transformative energies, offering opportunities for personal and collective renewal. In order to work with this energy, rituals, prayers, and meditation practices often accompany these events, allowing individuals to harness the heightened spiritual energy and connect with their inner selves. The Sun represents our ego, what it is we came to do to shine in this life. Allow the imagery of fire burning off that which we no longer need to access our highest version. Look to your natal chart for clues that will show you your possible true desires of why you came here to this life. Rather than being lost in the day to day struggle, and the illusion of what we thought we were here for, you can finally enter into the KNOWING of who you are. We are all souls here to experience a life in the 3rd dimension in order to graduate to the 5th octave. To move forward in life, these three events are swinging the door wide open to the truth. So don’t hesitate to access this personal power at this auspicious moment in history. You can do it, we can all do it, and elevate our world together.

Thank you for your wisdom 💫

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