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New Moon in Pisces 2024

On March 10th at 1 AM PDT the Sun and Moon align at 20 degrees Pisces 17 minutes. We have an opportunity to dive deep with this Mutable Water Sign conjunction. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, denoting endings and graduation. Ruling the last house, it is all about what needs attention before rebirth. It is potentially the highest version of humanity, or the least conscious, escaping responsibility. All of this depends on how we live our lives and what lies in our subconscious that actually drives our actions. This sign shows us what needs to be eliminated from our consciousness in order to live our best life.

And with all New Moons we gather our thoughts to commit ourselves to a plan, one that takes us in new directions according to our hopes and dreams. Pisces is a Mutable sign, meaning the last month of a season. All mutable signs are flexible, and show evidence of the season that is ending and the one that is coming. This is the last Water Sign of the Solar Year, breaking the ice of Winter in preparation for planting the seeds of Spring. And this year Daylight Savings Time begins on this day, reminding us of the return of the Sunlight.

This sensitive sign feels everything; everyone’s issues, everyone's joy or sadness, and at times has difficulty distinguishing their feelings from those around them. Life for a Pisces is one of emotional fluctuations, and at times they need to take time alone to put things in perspective. They want to help by creating pathways for themselves and others to follow in order to reach their spiritual and creative goals. They are easily hurt when misunderstood, or accused of manipulating situations in order to put them behind them. But with this sensitivity they must choose truth, honesty, and act on their insights in order to do what they were born to do; inspire and be inspired.

In order to work with the energies presented with this New Moon, our goals and plans are best laid in adding more depth to our lives. To consider our own creativity and develop those parts of us we may have run from in the past.

Procrastination is a stumbling block for this sign; making plans and then excusing themselves for not living up to what they set out to do. Fear blocks action, and again this sign stores all of our fears under the surface so that sometimes we never approach them. It just hurts too much. But is that true in today's world? Can we afford to run the other way, denying our own well being anymore? No one else can face them but us. Just how can we manage to do that?

The answer is to find our connection to our own guidance, available to all of us. Sure we can tell ourselves that is not our skill, we leave that to those who profess to know what is best for us. The problem is who do you trust, them or you? No one knows you like those who counsel us from the unseen, those who love and cherish us. This is the time to plan how to meet them and distinguish the “voices” we hear in our mind that have our best interests in their communications. We all hear positive and negative input, sometimes endlessly. The goal here is to KNOW the difference between the wisdom they share, and the backbiting words of the lower energies within us.

On this occasion the Sun and Moon are sextile the planet Jupiter at 13 degrees Taurus. Sun sextile Jupiter transit brings us optimism, good fortune, and joy. Traditionally seen as a lucky transit, the more positive you are the more you will attract good luck. This is the perfect time to set and reach your goals with little or no resistance. The Moon makes it easy for you to share your feelings, follow your intuition, and bring you friendships that will understand and cooperate with you.

The Sun and Moon also sextile Uranus at 19 degrees Taurus. Uranus sextile the Sun encourages us to be free, craving adventure, excitement and discovery. It assists us in not fearing change, and steers us in the direction of adapting to something new in our life. Uranus sextile Moon wants emotional stimulation, excitement, surprises, and anything we haven’t yet experienced.

And lastly, the Sun and Moon are conjunct Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces, its ruling planet. This placement strengthens our sensitivity, our imagination and an attraction to artistic and creative pursuits, as well as mysticism. Dreams, visions and unusual experiences can be profound now. You are impressionable and receptive with this influence, and you can have experiences that are unusual and unexplainable by the rational mind. You may need to retreat into your own inner world in order to escape the harshness of everyday living in the "real world".

Sympathetic and somewhat naive emotionally now, you must guard against being taken advantage of.

Use these insights to craft your best plan for enlightenment. It’s high time to look deeply within ourselves and improve our lives, with the help of the New Moon.

Thank you Judy 🙏

Judy Crescenzo

Skypatterns also on YouTube and Patreon

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