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Scorpio New Moon Ritual

The power of the Scorpio New Moon is about self confidence through "god confidence!" Looking for the gifts in the present moments .

Allow yourself to daydream, visualize yourself near a big body of water that feels calming and ask yourself the following questions and journal them. These are a few questions that can help spark your New Moon wishes! Use the energy of flow and just write down what comes to you without judgment of being right or wrong, get into your own personal rhythm!

What are you desiring to birth in this moment in time?

What do your relationships give to your passion?

How would you like to create a life that feeds your soul?

Use these questions and cultivate your life, your passion, your dreams!! TRUSTING that they will feed your highest path moving forward!!!


First step, choose a candle : BLUE - RED - GREEN

Second step, in your Journal answer these above questions. When you are finished, write 10 wishes you’d like to create in this moment!

Example :

*I am so excited that my relationship with___________ is creating passion in all the things I’m creating with ease!

*Thank you universe for easily guiding me to the the passion in my work again!

*I can easily feel the rebirth and connection to the positive energy and flow in my life!

*I am excited to create a deep sexually intimate relationship with my partner with ease.

Positive traits:

Honest, Ambitious, Brave, Forgiveness, Self-Mastery, Self Discipline, Crisis Skills, Financial Partnerships, Soul Mates, to name a few…

Negative traits and Physical healing:

Obsession, Living on the edge, Jealousy, Harsh Judgments, Abandonment, Guilt, Shame, Bladder issues, PMS, Sexual Dis-ease, Power struggle, to name a few….

These traits are to support your “wishes” and use the powerful energy of Scorpio in these areas!

Third step, create art on your alter candle with your wishes, pictures, quotes that uplift your energy!

Fourth step, Hold the candle below your belly button and meditate and visualize all your blocks clearing and all that you are now creating to unfold with joy in your life!!

Fifth step, light the candle and let it burn out! A fun little game is to see how fast it burns, if it is fully burned in 2-3 days, it means your intention has a clear pathway and is super powerful. If it takes more than 6-7 days to burn, it means there are still blocks in your way, its time to meditate on this and see what more you can clear!

New Moon Affirmation: Write 10x every night for two weeks-

“I am so excited to feel my passion every morning ignited and I’m wide open to seeing the path to this bright light with ease”

HAVE FUN….we create with joy, happiness and excitement for the future! Allow yourself to feel the flow in this moment and TRUST that what you desire is on its way in your “rippling” affect of your vision and how strong you feel the joy these wishes will bring into your energetic fields and manifest in your reality!

Be light and full of love on this joyous day!

Bless it be,

Jennifer xoxo

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