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Pisces New Moon - March 6th, 2019

As the New Moon in Pisces is coming up in less than a week, I wanted share with you guys what this lunar cycle in March is all about!

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Candle colors: Blue, Green, Yellow

With this New Moon, it’s a great opportunity to focus on desires aligned with expansion of emotional and spiritual growth. Ask yourself “if guilt and/or shame weren't in my way, how would I grow? What would I achieve?”

The answer is what this Pisces New Moon would be amazing at growing and shifting towards. The moon’s energy add's an extra universal “power punch” that supports your journey and desired growths!




Use your imagination to create this vision!

Choose a candle color out of 3 (blue, green or yellow)

Write down 7 desires and/or dreams to project into your outer world. Hold your candle, close your eyes and open your heart.

Meditate what your world would look like with these added strengths, goals, wishes, desires. How would your life be uplifted? How would you shift? When you can feel the uplifting energy in your physical body (inspiration, excitement, joy, etc), light your candle and let it fully burn out anywhere from 3-8 days.

- - Namaste - -

Safety Precaution:

With allowing your candle to stay lite until its burnt out, please leave your candle in a safe area that is blocked from falling over or in a closed space. I recommend to keep the candle either in a sink with a flat surface, a shower and/or bathtub for over the period of 3-8 days. When candle is finished, clean out glass jar and recycle the glass!

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