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New Moon in Virgo sparks our TRUTH on September 14th

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

♍️ Virgo

Element: Earth

Candle Colors: Blue and Purple

Plant: Mercury (It goes direct on the 15th)

🌙 Virgo’s New Moon is connected to our inspiration and our ability to tell the truth as well as see the truth!

Truth lives in our spiritual body and it's the most important ingredient in creating transformation in lightning speed timing.⚡️

Truth is what heals our blocks and allows us to be in alignment with our spiritual body which is the activator to miracle healing. 🕊️

The powerful New Moon energy is here to support your wishes of speaking truth from your heart and helping you see the highest path moving forward!

Ask yourself these questions:

~ Are you ready to see if a relationship is right for you?

~ Are your actions feeding your highest, grandest vision for your life?

~ Are you at a dead end job?

~ Is it time to receive more worth for the work that you do?

~ Ready to be healthy? Now IS the time!

~ Are you needing to check your perfectionism at the door because it's turning on you. It's creating an overload of work, feeling anxiety creeping in and possibly turning the volume up on your OCD tendencies?

~ Are you willing to look outside the box and see alternatives in all areas of your life?

~ Is it time to let go of worry, blame and judgments that are weighing you down?

Sit with these questions and listen with a truthful heart if shifts in these areas need to be addressed!

Other power punch areas that are supported by Virgo’s New Moon:

*Physical body-  If you are desiring to change habits that are connected to health, diet and/or exercise, this is the New Moon that fully support your wishes. Are you looking for more willpower to stay on coarse with your diet? Are you looking for a healer/doctor to guide you in stepping up your health routine?

Having digestion issues? Make a wish for healing, understanding, wisdom and support to easily smooth your digestive track!

Here are some wishes for you to make:

“My willpower is so strong and encouraging, I feel at ease with my body and the choices I’m making” “I am so grateful that I am easily digesting food and feeling my body fully embrace the nutrients I’m eating.” “I am so excited that I have meet a (doctor/healer) that has finally found the approach I need to heal my body with ease and joy.”

*Solar Plexus - This energy point is connect to making our dreams a reality! The solar plexus is about vision and projecting our vision into the world we live in. So if this is blocked, NOW is the time to clear it!

Make this wish:

“I feel blessed that all my dreams are easily coming true, right in front of my eyes!”

*Organization - This is one of Virgo’s biggest strengths! Most Virgos are often very neat! So if you’re looking for an energy boost to clean out your garage, drawers,  organize paperwork your in for a treat!

Make this wish:

“I have the energy boost that is helping me overcome my resistance to cleaning (and/or organizing) ______________ with ease.”

Virgo is a strong sign for breaking through to the other side of your fears, doubts and resistance. You hold the power to transformation!

How can you harness the power of transformation on this New Moon?

✨Make 10 wishes - write your wishes in your journal using the power boost of Virgo on the 14th (you have from the 14th, being you strongest power day and then till the 16th to write your wishes). You can also wish for anything your heart desires. Just remember to alway make sure you write them as if you “already have them” and make sure to always add “with ease" in your wishes. Life is hard enough, no need to manifest with choas!!!

🕯️Choose Blue or Purple for your candle color (or whatever color you can find) to hold and send off your wishes into the universe to transmute your dreams into your NOW reality!

🧘‍♀️Mediate and visualize your future wishes. See yourself living your dreams! Feel the joy, happiness and gratitude that came from turning your wishes into reality!

📓Turn one of your 10 wishes into a daily affirmation! Handwrite it 10x for the next two weeks at night!

Know that your feelings are your manifesting powers, so don’t hold back out of fear that they wont come true! One of my favorite quotes  “Certainly is the antidote to failure,”  BE certain and trust that what you wish for is on the delivery truck, you’re just not 100% sure of the arrive day! BUT BELIEVE with all of yourself that your wishes are on the way!🚛

Have fun and enjoy creating from the power of love! You got this 🙌

💓Much love,


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