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New Moon in Sagittarius 2023

12/12/23 at 3:31 PM PST the Sun and Moon align at 20 degrees Sagittarius 40 minutes. This is a moment that marks a new beginning of possibilities, and with this New Moon we can shoot our arrows higher and higher!

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire Sign and is the last month of Autumn. The changes are upon us with the weather turning colder, most of the leaves have fallen from the gloriously colored trees, and Winter is on its way. This Fire sign is full of energy and creativity, and we can all use a dose of that now. There is a lot to accomplish here in the last month of the year, and thank goodness Sagittarius supports us!

As always, when we have a New Moon it’s time to set new intentions, goals and wishes. And the best way to do that and have it “stick” is to work with the existing energies of the sign. Sagittarius rules expansion; of the mind, heart and soul. We have the opportunity to gather our wits and step outside our comfort zone, reaching higher than at other times. This is the sign of higher learning, of seeking communion and connection with ALL THAT IS. Now is the best time to seek guidance through meditation, contemplation, and to gather with those of like mind to seek and relate information that can help each other. Reading and studying spiritual subjects now is a great way to add to our abilities. This is an extremely creative sign, if you can dream it up, you can make it happen!

Whether your creativity is art, music, or otherwise, we all have access to greater inspiration. The adventurous side of our spirit is ignited by this fire sign, and we are prone to take a risk to fulfill our desires.

On this New Moon the Sun and Moon are in a wide conjunction to Mars at 13 degrees Sagittarius. Mars is the planet of power and war, personally affecting us on this occasion with determination and a willingness to fight for what we want. Pity the poor soul who tries to stop another individual from doing their mission, whatever it may be!

I say, stand by and watch as others fulfill their dreams;) Rather than be adversarial, reach into your wheelhouse for a project, materials you may have purchased before but never put to good use. However small or large your design is, take this moment to conceive of its completion. Then get started on it like a child with a new toy.

Also The Sun and Moon are inconjunct Uranus at 19 degrees Taurus. This aspect calls for adjustments. Uranus is unafraid of change, thrives on it really, and opens the door to something new. You can channel tremendous creative energy now, or feel the tension, pressure and anxiety this moment provides. It’s calling for you to be brave, to stop making excuses and do what is necessary, or it will shake you up one way or another to see where you are falling short. No longer time to put off what needs doing today. The

New Moon’s influence steers toward women in your life you may need to bring about a correction with, and this Fire Sign can tend to be a rough communicator in dealing with old frustrations. So sprinkle a little sugar on your conversations and watch the changes begin.

Also, the Sun and Moon are square Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces. This accentuates the Spiritual possibilities, the higher raiment we can wear to achieve our deepest dreams. Again, we are provided deep spiritual aspirations and yearnings. Allow this energy to wash over you and inspire your biggest dreams. This is the season of love and family, of sharing with those who need help, and giving to others. Be one with the season, make your list of goals and hopes and wishes now. Fill your mind with goodness and mercy for our world, our universe, and all the souls who fill it. Blessings to us all this holiday season!

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Judy Crescenzo

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