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New Moon in Leo 2020 Tuesday August 18 7:41 PM PDT

When I look at this New Moon in Leo, I can’t help but notice the groups of planets and luminaries working together. There is a design here that I decided to look into. In astrology it’s all about the relationships the planets and luminaries have with each other in the placements they are stationed in. The new Moon by nature is “conjunct” the Sun and this one is 26 degrees Leo. Along with these luminaries is Mercury in Leo at 28 degrees. So they are on team Leo, working side by side with the dramatic fire energy.

Then we look at Mars in Aries, another fire sign, at 24 degrees. This “trine” made by Mars brings with it a self confidence and enthusiasm to team Leo. We feel everything more intensely and can set our intentions even higher for this New Moon in Leo. This fire inspires us to be more physical, whether it’s working or playing, to best channel the energy. It is an assertive potential that needs a good challenge.

Then, on team Capricorn is Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in the same range of degrees. Capricorn is an Earth sign, bringing it down and grounding to the planet.This is the challenging team, as it “inconjuncts” team Leo. This relationship asks for adjustments to be made. A forbearance of principles and a renegotiation from the ground up. The most constructive use of this influence is intelligent planning and insight, proceeding cautiously, changing the world around you in a practical way, and avoiding danger and violence.

So as we set our intentions for this New Moon, we expand our awareness to not only this luminary, but periscope out to our whole solar system. We are growing, humanity is expanding under the conditions we have experienced. We are now able to have clarity where before we were so set in our patterns we didn't even know a time like this could exist! So with this new awareness, and the explanation above of the energies we are working with, we go to the heart of the matter, our ability to love without conditions.

Leo rules the heart and cardiovascular system in our bodies. This is the system most affected by this period, and provides us a direction. The heart is like the hub of the wheel with all of the cardiovascular system being the spokes of that wheel moving the body along in life. We can approach this New Moon with a great respect for our bodies, and especially our hearts. With this symbol is our ability to love and be loved.

On this day or night, give yourself permission to have some sacred time. Find yourself indoors or outdoors in your most sacred of places. You can create this or use these creative energies to imagine yourself there. Slow down your breathing and calm yourself. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the base of a grand staircase. How do you appear there? Examine the stairs, the banister, the materials used to make this, the color of those materials, before you place your right foot on the first stair. Slowly and purposefully begin your ascent up the stairs, like a child awaiting the adventure to begin! As you climb higher and higher, you pass 3 doorways before you come to the 4th. This is the doorway to your heart or love center, and take a moment to examine this doorway. What color is it? What is it made out of; metal, wood, glass...? Does it open on the right, the left, or simply open itself? While paying attention to all of these details and taking mental notes, your spirit wants to open the doorway. In that moment invite those who love and protect you, the invisible ones, to join you as you enter this space.

As you enter, see who has joined you and send them heartfelt gratitude. Now explore this space......where are you? What do you see? Look in all 4 directions around you and survey your surroundings. Is it a lush environment, or is it barren? Examine everything you see and ask your guides to elaborate on these with you; ask questions and accept the answers you are given. Once you feel you have observed all that is shown to you, embrace those who have assisted you on your journey, and thank them for their help. Now find the doorway you came in through and prepare to exit this doorway. How do you appear now? You will see the staircase that will lead you down to your place of origin. When you arrive there and you are ready, come back into your body and write down what you observed.

Now let’s consider the information that was shared with you. How you appeared before and after your journey tells you if you’ve been changed, and how you’ve been changed by this vision. The materials and state of the stairway are representative of the means in which you travel to these states of awareness. Strong or weak. The doorway and how it opened shows ease or resistance. What you saw there can tell you how you operate in the love department, for yourself and others. The questions and answers given may surprise and enlighten you, or they may reassure you you are on the right track.

I know this is a lot to digest, but the more you see yourself as a seasoned traveler and journeyer, the greater the ease of entering these high states of awareness where you learn you are never alone. You are surrounded by energies that wish to assist you in this journey called life. Allow them to share their wisdom with you, and use it to become your highest version.

Judy Crescenzo

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