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Harvest Moon: Last Super Full Moon 🌕 9/29

Welcome to the last Super Full Moon of the year! It holds the energy to help us "harvest" our desires by using the super (close to earth) Full Moon to illuminate what no longer fits in our lives and that which keeps us blocked from manifesting our desires!

A Full Moon is a reminder that we have the power to transform our lives by using the illuminate light of the Full Moon. It gives us the opportunity to see what shadows lie in our own personal darkness. When the bright light of a Full Moon shines down on us it's like a "spot light" to help us see our blocks and the way we might be sabotaging our growth! The only needed tool by you is your ability and openness to see the truth in your life.

Here is an affective and fun Ritual to help you unlock, see and clear what is weighing your spirit down!

Many blessing are heading your way!

💓 Jennifer

Harvest Super Full Moon

Aries/Sacral Ritual

Element - Fire

Candle color - Red and/or Orange

Aries/Sacral Crystals and Stones:







Aries/Sacral Essential Oils, Herbs and Plants:










Traits to release to Aries/Sacral Full Moon:

Impatience, short temper, aggressive nature, impulsiveness, fear of change, acne and headaches

Habits/Dis-eases to release:

Sexual addiction and dysfunctions, eating disorders, reproductive disorders, lacking connection to your “gut feeling”, stifled creativity, disconnected to your emotions, urinary infections and bipolar disorder

In this sign that is connected to Aries’s courage, determination and confident combines with our Sacral’s energy connection to our sexuality, creativity and passion, it provides a powerful time of letting go of any sexual abuse, rape, shame and guilt around sex and your sexuality.

The Sacral Energy Point in our body that houses our:

*Sexuality ~ intimacy

*Passion ~ inspiration

*Creativity ~ cultivating our “dream life”

Questions to ask yourself before determining what would be most beneficial for you in using this Aries full moon for letting go:

-Is there anything blocking you from creating the future you desire?

(annoyance, resentments, carelessness…)

-How do you feel in sexual situations?

(confident, intimate or fear, embarrassment, remorse…)

-Do you feel excited and passion for your daily life?

(happiness, connection or depressed, no drive…)

You don’t have to stick to one topic in the energy point. But the more focused you are, the stronger your intention is and the quicker it will disappear and create space for an opening to “plant new seeds” on the next new moon in fourteen days.

Aries/Sacral Full Moon Affirmation:

“I am feeling so open, light, free and vibrant in _________________ area of my life with ease.”

Full Moon Aries Ritual:

*Candle - Red and/or Orange

Red - Negative blocks ~ release anger, negative sexual energy, guilt, impatience,

Orange- To open and heal your sacral chakra; to open your passion, creativity, growth, sexual magnetism)

Choose which candle color suits your release. You can burn both, don’t feel like you can only choose one. For example if I was releasing old emotions and fears around being sexually abused and I was also experience a disconnect to my passion towards creating my dreams in my career I would burn both candles. If I was feeling impatient with my life, work was slow, felt disconnected to passion and my creativity, I’d burn the red candle only.

*Single Piece of paper (not connected to your journal) and a pen

*Matches, preferred but a lighter will do

*Bowl of water (for safety if you don't have a fireplace)

*Stones and Crystals for Aries and the Sacral energy point

*Essential oils, herbs and plant for Aries and Sacral energy point             (optional)

Simplistic Ritual ~

Take your candle(s), Paper/pen/matches and bowl of water if there is no fireplace or fire pit. On your piece of paper write 2 traits, habits, negative emotions you're asking to release (6 total if needed). Close your eyes, hold the paper and candle(s) on your lower stomach and visualize your life WITHOUT these blocks. Allow these positive feelings to flow through your physical body (don’t worry if you cant feel a difference, but imagine what it would or could feel like). I like to add music that inspires me to deepen my physical connection. When you feel like you have connected to your life in a positive way you then take the paper and candle and get your matches or lighter and burn your paper to release these negative feels and blocks. Use the bowl of water to exstwish the paper or put it in the fireplace to burn out. Hold your candle(s) and feel the lightness in your body, light your candle(s) and allow them to burn out to the end. *If you used the bowl of water to exstigush your paper, take it outside and water your plants with the paper and water.

Have fun, play and KNOW that you have cleared the shadow and the blocks from this Ritual! ⚡️

to purchase this print :

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