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Full Moon in Virgo 3/7/2023

On March 7th, 2023 the Sun in Pisces exactly opposes the Moon in Virgo, giving us a Full Moon. It happens at 4:40 AM PST, and is our last Full Moon for this Winter. Another name Native Americans gave this Full Moon is “Worm Moon”, as it’s time for the ground to thaw revealing the worm trails below. We are celebrating the end of a season with these Mutable luminaries, and the transition into Spring. As with every Full Moon, consider the “seeds” you planted when the Moon was new in Virgo, August 27th of 2022.

Virgo is a Mutable Earth Sign. It is flexible and adaptable, very intellectual energy. Being an Earth Sign, it’s nature is to be grounded, stable and practical. This energy lends a caring nature, one of wanting to be of service somehow, helping others through the knowledge and application of it. While the Sun is in the sign of Pisces, a very different energy, it is still Mutable. But, being of the water nature it is more likely to dive deep into the “feelings” place than Virgo. The good news is having balance between these two signs shows one who uses logic and intuition in harmony. If these aren’t jiving, then we can be either/both sloppy and a victim of our life, and an escape artist;) There are always two natures to each sign, and here Virgo is either orderly, methodical and detail oriented, or unkempt, critical and a perfectionist. Same with Pisces; either conscious, creative and spiritual, or overly sensitive, confused and is a procrastinator.

So we are looking at the culmination of what we set in motion late last August, when the Moon was new in Virgo. With the double hit of Virgo (Sun and Moon), it was a mental time setting goals, maybe making lists of duties to be done. Here we are at the fulfillment of those goals; how’d you do? Open up and consider what you had in mind at that time, and see how it’s manifested itself into your life. If you see there is still work to be done, no worries, continue on. But this Full Moon may rock your world due to some planetary interference.

Here we go again with a T-Square to the Sun and Moon; this time from Mars. A T-Square in astrology happens when 2 planets, or here luminaries form an opposition to each other (180 degrees apart), and a third planet forms a 90 degree square to both. When you see it in a chart it looks like a capital T. This is a Mutable T-Square; all are in Mutable signs. This can create havoc regarding making up your mind and committing to a plan. Not only are we already emotional with the Full Moon, but Mars drives a wedge with its combative nature. But, that is the planet we look to for relief and direction in this occasion. Mars in the sign of Gemini on a good day delivers an active mind, and whisperings of ideas into your consciousness. It is a nervous energy making it hard to relax and sit still. You can use your wit, intelligence, communication skills, social sophistication, and awareness to achieve your goals. Use both your right and left brain hemispheres in balance, and this Full Moon can bring sweeping change. You have both the clarity and the connection to your higher mind for answers.

Uranus presents favorable aspects to these luminaries in the sign of Taurus. With a sextile to the Sun, and a trine to the Moon, change becomes easier. Freedom, adventure and excitement can be yours, if you're willing to make the necessary changes in your mind and life. You will feel uninhibited and spontaneous if you release your anger, frustrations and self imposed limitations, one step at a time. Ask for it, pray for it, and allow yourself to grow.

With this Earth Sign Full Moon, and this Water Sign Sun; plant the seeds of intention now. Look at what is, and what are the possibilities of improving it. Allow Mars to light a fire underneath you, the sleeping giant, to get you moving. Then embrace Uranus and state outloud, “I’m ready.”

Thank you Judy Crescenzo for your wisdom! Please email at for a private reading .

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