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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 3rd, 2023

This year the Full Moon in Sagittarius happens at 8:42 PM PDT. Just as the Sun is setting we have a beautiful Full Moon in all its glory! The “Strawberry Moon” is the last Full Moon of the Spring season.

When the Moon is full in this sign, we are looking at the choices, goals and decisions made when the Sagittarius Moon was new, on November 23, 2022. This was the day before Thanksgiving when we were in gratitude mode, or overwhelmed. Wishes made were all about the Sun and Moon sharing the sign and boosting our energy with the Fire element. Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire Sign, indicating it is flexible and ready to adapt to circumstances beyond our control. Just what were you hoping for? This double Fire moment supplied the energy, but did you settle on one thing, or reach for many? This being a time of family and having company for our Thanksgiving meal, I know I was wishing for peace, harmony and a good spread! But I was also concerned with creativity, Sagittarius’s forte, and beauty was important. So, flowers, fragrance, and family provided that.

Now with the Full Moon I can see how I’ve stepped up my game in relation to creativity. As a Virgo I sometimes feel I fall short of this, or judge myself harshly in relation to being talented, and will not even attempt to try things. But, this year I can see where I’ve risen to the occasion and am moving forward. This year seems to be about putting ourselves out there, and advancing myself with all I used to fear. Fear of ridicule, judgment and retribution. So, I am hoping the same for you, to get out of your own way and give your talent a shot of adrenaline!

With this Full Moon we have help from the planet Mars in Leo. It trines the Moon delivering courage, assertiveness and helps to confront difficulties in a direct, no-nonsense sort of way. You won’t be able to tolerate self-pity or passivity, and you can be rather brusque with others' emotional problems. "Stop crying and DO something about it" might be your motto. It also sextiles the Sun in Gemini. When the Sun sextile Mars transit takes place, people are more energetic and enterprising than usual, being more inclined to work towards their personal dreams. In astrology, the Sun shines a light on our personality, on our resourcefulness and freedom of will, on how we use our soul purpose. Mars is square Jupiter in Taurus, helping us be enterprising, ambitious, with a strong desire to succeed in a big way. Ever on the look out for new opportunities and promising new ventures, these planets inspire a willingness to take risks if you sense that something is going to be a winner. You’ll relish healthy competition and will feel that it spurs you on to even greater achievements.

At the same time, Mercury in Taurus is conjunct Uranus, the planet of awakening. Mercury is the messenger and this combo brings sudden realizations and quick thinking. Anything that we think is blocking our progress can be looked at with fresh eyes that have no fear. So be on the lookout for inspiration and a feeling of competence to engage in all things you may not have before. These planets, along with Pluto in Aquarius, are plowing the road of limitations and helping us to transform ourselves in a big new way! Get involved in your own well being and shoot for the stars!

Thank you for your wisdom Judy (Crescenzo) For a private reading please email Judy @

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