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Full Moon in Leo 2024

Updated: Jan 24

On January 25th at 9:54 AM PST the Moon is Full in the sign of Leo. As with every Full Moon, we look in the past to see what we were hoping for when the Moon was New in that sign. This occurred August 16th of last year, 2023. Just what were you hoping for?

Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign; it occurs as the second month of the Summer season, making it “Fixed”. It means when the sign is solid, pure to its energy. Not coming or going, it indicates that it reflects the true energy of the sign. The Fire element is powerful, igniting our senses and will. The energy is strong, regal, with a sense of authority, usually well deserved. Or so they think. Leos are the heart of the zodiac, and can be very loving and generous. Leo‘s energy is very creative, ardent in love, full of drama and uninhibited behavior at its best. It can be over the top, when too bold and pushy. At its worst, Leo‘s energy can be fickle, selfish, and touchy. At its best, shining bright like the Sun in everything they do.

While it was the sign of the New Moon, wishes and hopes for all things Leo were available. It rules romance, creativity, strength and passion. It controls the 5th house of all of our charts, and shows us personally how we feel about ourselves in these areas of our lives. At this time of the year we are either generous or jealous of other’s success. We can be involved in our greatest creations and wish for recognition, or wounded due to lack of appreciation. So a typical wish during this New Moon is one that our ego puts forward. Look back and see what you were trying to accomplish. Has it come to fruition?

That is what we learn now, how did we do? Did we succeed, or do we need to look at the situation with a fresh take? Some might feel their will was blocked due to the state of the world at that time. The truth may be things on planet Earth are changing so rapidly that our efforts were from another time. A time prior when life wasn’t so challenging. It is important now to elevate our activities into a new format, one of seeing things as they are now versus the past.

And with this Full Moon we have planets setting us up. The first is a square to Jupiter at 6 degrees Taurus. You will have a lighthearted and cheerful disposition and reach out to others in a warm, open, friendly way. Your emotional generosity and lack ofpettiness will serve you well among your circle of friends, and people may seek you out for help, sympathy, or advice. You will be willing to overlook others' faults, and you may overdo your charitableness. Keep this in check at this time and make sure it isn’t manipulation.

There is opposition to Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius. You’ll have intense desires and

feelings at this time, and your personal relationships can feel deeply emotional, passionate, and often stormy and painful as well. There are powerful magnetic ties between yourself and those you care about, and you could become emotionally obsessed with another person. Your feelings can become so urgent and compelling that you do things that are not rational. You may undergo emotional upheavals and purging, where you must break all ties, release the past and begin anew. This is the planet of transformation, so you won’t likely just sit idly by.

Look at your goals and don’t play the blame game. It is easier to hold others or situations responsible for your lack of success, but remember we are all here together on the playing field, and we need each other to win the game. Take your place in the line up, see clearly what your strengths and talents are, and don’t try to do it alone. We need each other to support our fondest wishes, a little give and take. Stubbornness is rampant with this sign, so consider becoming more open minded and hearted. Seek the recognition you deserve for a job well done, and put your best foot forward. We all are special in some way, and now is the time to celebrate that.

Always grateful to Judy for her guidance and wisdom! For a 1:1 session email and follow her accounts!!!!

Judy Crescenzo

Also on YouTube and Patreon at skypatterns

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