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Full Moon in Cancer 2023

This year, 2023, began with a Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th, and is ending with the Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th at 4:33 PM PST. Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon, so symbolically this has been a very emotional year! We have been through so much that has tested our inner calm and beliefs of what is and what isn’t true. Now it is time to check in with our internal landscape to see where we’ve come.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, which begins Summer, as Capricorn begins Winter. This is the most precious Water sign, as it rules the home, family and our ancestors. Its energy is governed by feelings and instincts, or body knowledge. Cancer senses what is necessary; they read between the lines and hear the message from within it. Cancer is a feminine/passive energy; receptive, yet with the cardinal energy, it leads. Just days after the Winter Solstice we are now seeing the results of the plans, hopes and wishes cast on the New Moon in Cancer back on July 17th of this year.

Some may have prayed for inner resolve, for a feeling of being in control when all the world seems to have authority over our lives. We have been challenged to hold our own dominion in the wake of governments and the powers that are taking away our choices. We have watched as some wish to alienate us from each other, to divide us, to separate us. But now we have a second chance to see through the tears just how we don’t have to believe it. When we have a Full Moon in Cancer we can clearly see our own power as leaders in our lives, and quiet the storm we perceive in the world.

The opportunity is here for us to take back our power. My advice to you is don’t believe everything you see or hear in the news, the internet, from the naysayers that are unhappy with their lives. If we dig deep into our souls we realize this world is a school, possibly an illusion set up for us to learn in. We come here to share experiences with other souls in our unique environment of free will. We are the players on life’s stage, each with a different reason for being here. Some may believe they are caught up in Karma, but I’ve been told we are moving into a new dimension of truth. One that isn’t bent on what was, but what can be. The rules of the game is to let go. Let go of the past, let go of our old selves and reach higher up the ladder to find ourselves in a new domain. In this new world we can align with humanity, see that we aren’t so different from each other with our basic needs. It is a world of love and compassion versus one of hate and destruction.

On this Full Moon we have some help. The Moon in Cancer is sextile Jupiter at 5 degrees Taurus.This aspect encourages us to be easygoing, agreeable, and tolerant, willing to overlook others' mistakes, forget the past, and begin again on a positive note.

You will enjoy making others comfortable and happy, through your generosity. You may feel that "everything will turn out all right no matter what I do", and so become lazy and lackadaisical, but KNOW that your efforts to make peace will win out. The Full Moon is also trine Saturn at 2 degrees Taurus giving us an inner poise and balance that enables us to act in a cool, efficient manner during emotional traumas and stress. You can keep perspective and objectivity about highly charged emotional issues - sometimes to the chagrin of others who might wish that you would react more intensely. You are quietly supported and faithful to your friends and loved ones.

Venus in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces at this time. This benefic aspect helps us to be more sensitive and compassionate; tending to be the "giver" in any relationship. You have high ideals and a refined attitude towards love, seeking to relate in ways that are beyond ego needs and selfishness.

With the planets and luminaries steering us toward love and empathy, we can step out of the drama life is presenting, and make things simple. Feed each other good meals, good conversations, and share love and light like the Great Spirit that dwells within us. Be as a Mother to her flock, caring and doing what is necessary for the well being of those she loves. After all, we are all children here on the planet, learning as we go, and if we open our hearts to each other and play nicely it will be a lot more fun;)

Blessings to us all now and always. Keep your mind on the prize; harmony and good will. We can all share this world and declare an armistice in our own life, in the hope it radiates out to All That Is.

Always grateful for the magical Judy! To connected with Judy email and go follow her!

Judy Crescenzo

Skypatterns on YouTube and Patreon

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