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Aries New Moon, April 5th

In this New Moon in Aries, it’s a great time to ask for allowing yourself to find comfort and connection to your passions in life. Know that your passion is toned as your “path-shown”. If you are looking for direction in career, relationships with self-worth and confidence, this would be a great time to ask the universe to show your passions “path-shown” towards your highest path of happiness and enjoying the richness in life!

Traits to Heighten:

Confidence, Self-Worth, Courage, Determination, Sexual Pleasure, Creativity, Balanced Emotions, New Beginnings, Self-awareness, Independence and Integrity.

Bringing healing light to dis-ease associated with Aries and energy points:

Reproductive Issues, Urinary Infections, Bipolar Disorder, Fatigue, Low Sex Drive

This is a great energy that supports creating your life with passion. With Aries’s confidence, determination and courage you have the ability to transform your energy into self-worth, finding your value in your passions and cultivating a healthy sex life. Because Aries is ruled with the sacral energy point, you can easily shift old patterns around cultivating your “Dream Life” into reality. The Sacral energy point is the ruler of flow and this allows you to let go of control and allow your creativity and passions to “flow freely” through your body with ease. This allows you to connect to your gut instincts and be guided to opening paths you were closed off to before. I recommend to change up your regular routine and take a movement class for your physical body like dancing or yoga! This helps open up your sacral chakra to enhance self-esteem, self-love and charisma!


Aries New Moon Affirmation:

“I am so blessed and honored to feel my passions ignited and allow my creativity to flow freely with ease.”


Red and/or Orange

Red is used for positive energy

It magnifies courage, igniting sexual energy and healing, passion& intimacy

Orange encourages the self to open and heal the sacral chakra; to open your creativity, growth, sexual magnetism


Take your candle(s), Paper/Pen/Matches

On your piece of paper, write 6 desires that you are asking to open, heal and heighten.

Close your eyes, hold the paper with intentions and candle(s) on your lower stomach. Then visualize your life with your desires. Allow these positive feelings to flow through your physical body (don’t worry if you cant feel a difference, but imagine what it could feel like).

During this time, I like to add music that inspires me to deepen my physical connection. When you feel like you have connected to your list in a positive way, you then take the paper, candle and matches and hold your candle(s) to feel the lightness in your body..

Then light your candle(s) and allow them to burn out. If you keep your candle burning, this can take up to 5 days to fully burn out.


Safety Precaution:

With allowing your candle to stay lite until its burnt out, please leave your candle in a safe area that is blocked from falling over or in a closed space. I recommend to keep the candle either in a sink with a flat surface, a shower and/or bathtub for over the period of 3-8 days. When candle is finished, clean out glass jar and recycle the glass!

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