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On August 16th at 2:38 AM PDT we have the New Moon in Leo. They share the spotlight at 23 degrees Leo 17 minutes. Let the fireworks begin! This double Fire energy brings us the opportunity to begin anew with plenty of power on board. With every New Moon we can reset our goals, hopes and wishes for what we are creating in our life. With the Sun and Moon conjoined in Leo, the Sun rules the day.

Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign, and is determined to make life more pleasurable. It lands on the second month of Summer when things get their warmest and our gardens are flourishing. The Fire element endows us with plenty of vitality, passion and enthusiasm. It rules our creativity, our love affairs, and our uninhibited behavior. We can generate and produce our greatest stories to tell others, based on our ability to see ourselves as designers of our uniqueness. We can step out of the role of the disbeliever due to feeling unworthy and commonplace into a stellar storyteller. This creative energy opens us up to our inner beauty as it rules the heart and what we love.

If your creative medium is art or music, the same is true. During this period your imagination can run wild with designs, with color and form. You may have new ideas of creations you wish to produce, so go to it!

It naturally steers our attention to our love relationships and what we want them to be. On this day the Sun and New Moon are conjunct Venus at 18 degrees Leo Retrograde. No matter how you appear on the surface, you’ll have a very soft heart and others can always appeal to your sympathetic, affectionate side. You’ll especially care about the needs of children, mothers, and families, and desire a love partner who values marriage, home, and family as much as you do. Unkindness or harshness will offend you very much at this time. When Venus is Retrograde we are reviewing our own worth, be it financial, our appearance, or our morals. How do we stand up against what we believe we are and what others see us as? This planetary Retrograde can be responsible for returning exes, financial mismanagement, and ego bruises, making it important that you find ways to recreate your life in these areas.

The Sun and New Moon in Leo also square Uranus degree for degree in Taurus. This aspect inspires us to crave excitement, change, and discovery, and will not tolerate

a routine or lifestyle that offers little in the way of surprise or challenge. Excitable, spontaneous, and enthusiastic about anything new, you may be perceived by others as being too impulsive, especially in personal relationships. It won’t be easy for you to make or keep commitments at this time, since you don't know how you will be feeling

from one day to the next. Emotional freedom is very important to you. Your domestic life can be very unstable at this time, but you may like it that way;)

With these influences at work, take time to see where you are in your life right now. Is it perfect or can it be improved on? Explore the turf in your personal relationships and see if they resemble your greatest dreams of what love can be for you. Look at your relationship with lack/abundance. Do you feel worthy to receive? These luminaries and planets encourage you to see yourself as much more than you may have thought before. Maybe make a pros and cons list of all things you know about yourself and see where you may fall short of who you want to be. After all, Leo is the King of the zodiac with an ego that wants it all.

Thank you Judy Crescenzo🙏

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The Moon will be full in the sign of Aquarius on August 1st at 11:31 AM PDT. We look back to see when the Moon was new in this sign; January 21st, 2023. What were the goals set on this occasion, and how far have we come since then? At that time when the Sun and Moon shared the same degree, we were encouraged to detach, to be objective and see the bigger picture free of over emotionality. With this, objective clarity became the goal in whatever we were concerned with.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, we are not easily moved by emotional displays and can be curiously disconnected from our own and others' emotions. It's almost as if you could turn your feelings on and off at will so you should be careful not to leave the switch off too often, for you could easily become too impersonal. Family ties and attachments are not as important to you and you often consider your friends closer to you than your blood relatives. You insist upon a certain amount of independence and the freedom to pursue friendships with as many people, of both sexes, as you choose. You do not appreciate a jealous, possessive partner. You feel comfortable in an atmosphere that is open and experimental, and you have little taste for convention and tradition.

All that being said, Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. Due to the nature of the sign it is easier to see all sides of a situation in an open minded way. To get to the heart of a situation, seeing clearly what needs to happen to find solutions. This brilliant Fixed Air Sign is of high humidity, meaning it is compassionate intellect. Aquarius is a teaching sign, an energy that has arrived at conclusions and seeks to share. Aquarians make great professors and mentors. The job of a fixed sign is to dig in, be persistent, and make changes. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of awakening, now is a perfect time to say what you mean and mean what you say. Do something about whatever needs changing.

The Sun and Moon both square Jupiter at 13 degrees Taurus. This creates a T-Square, with Jupiter being the outlet for the direction to take. On May 16th, 2023 Jupiter entered the sign of Taurus where it will stay until May 25th, 2024. While in this sign, Jupiter’s nature is to expand, to protect and to enlighten us in all things Taurus represents. This includes finances, pleasurable activities, creativity and beauty due to it being ruled by Venus. This provides us an opportunity to think outside the box in ways to ensure our own well being. Where the Sun and Moon are opposing in the axis of “me” versus “we”, planet Jupiter is all inclusive. It provides the world view of what is best for all of us if we follow its lead. So at this time you may receive a lucky break, a new way out of an otherwise limiting situation.

Take this idea to the next level. Where we have had limitations we can see freedom. We no longer wish to live under the thumb of any/all situations that make us feel small and insignificant. We don’t have to accept what we are told, we can look deeper with all of the knowledge we have gained, all of the exposure to what was told us was true that we no longer believe. We are being guided to learn, to seek new answers, and behave differently. Fear led the way in the last few years, now we are seeing those fears were not justified but told to us to keep us from the truth. And as always, the truth will set you free.

So with this Full Moon in Aquarius seek the freedom you desire in your life with optimism and clarity of purpose. Old dreams die by the wayside, as new hopes and wishes come to fruition. Just what was set in motion when the Moon was new can be actualized now. We’ve got the power, we’ve got the ambition, so don’t delay in your actions. Celebrate this day with the strength and power of truth as you find it, and keep your mind open to guidance from within that will light the way.

Thank you Judy for you wisdom!

Judy Crescenzo

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On this day at 11:32 AM PDT the Sun and Moon share the 24th degree of Cancer 56 minutes. It’s time for making plans, goals, wishes you hope to actualize in your life. It’s your opportunity to focus through the Cancer lens, which includes inner peace, loving generously, your home, and the life you’ve led. Like a Mother preparing to give birth, we can look at ourselves with the most sensitivity and nurture that which needs caring for. We can prepare the way through balancing our relationships with those we love and having a kind heart for those we’ve yet to know; so called “strangers.” But through this lens, we see we are all connected, all part of each other. All part of the human family.

This Cardinal Water sign is a leader and inspires us to be just that. Leading like the Mother with an open heart that feels EVERYTHING. This sign is ruled by the Moon which reflects the Sun's light differently every night. Always changing, this luminary rules our emotions and how we feel about what is common to the abstract. This is why it might be most beneficial to spend time alone, reflecting on our ever changing lives with an open mind and heart. We can connect the dots and see why we are doing what we are doing. But is this what we want to continue, or is it time for change? Our behavior is reflective of our inner being, and this grand opportunity is about taking a deep look at what we do and why. Is it anchored in the past, is it part of our family history, does it even belong to us?

This sign provides us the view of ourselves as children and how our early years affected us. We can clearly see cause and effect, what led us to our current notions and why. But do these “memories” still serve us, or keep us stuck in limitation. Our child inside wants protection and will respond if provoked whenever we don’t feel safe. Are these cues still directing our actions unconsciously? Something to think about on this occasion.

The Sun and Moon are sextiled by Uranus at 22 degrees Taurus. This aspect is subtle yet powerful in a beneficial way. Where Cancer is typically traditional and conservative, this aspect inspires the unusual and unorthodox; not to allow tradition, convention, or other people's expectations to dictate how you are going to live your life. You’ll crave freedom, adventure, excitement, and discovery, and will not fear change. This aspect to the Moon helps us be uninhibited and spontaneous. You’ll love to feel free and unfettered.

The Sun and Moon are trine Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces. We have a heightened awareness, are more imaginative and sensitive to anything colorful, beautiful, or magical. You’ll be attracted to artistic and creative pursuits, music, and mysticism. Your spiritual values will color your whole perspective and approach to life. This aspect to the Moon directs our attention to the beauty and harmony of our surroundings, and will have a very powerful effect on our emotions. Discord or dissonance will be even more upsetting than usual. Gentle, kind hearted, and peace-loving, you will give or sacrifice much in order to avoid a fight and to "make everyone happy". The key here is not to forget about the self and its needs and values.

So if possible, I suggest entering the water medium to meditate; either through swimming, bathing, or soaking in order to deep dive into this medium and reap the benefits it provides. In this element we are given the light and love of clarity. Our bodies are 55-60% water, so we can imagine we are back in the womb, preparing ourselves for this life to come. Dream as a child would, without fear, just what you hope to be and accomplish in this life, which is our gift. Even though life gets tough and puts us through the learning and changes, know you have designed this for yourself. You and guidance before your birth chose this path for yourself, in order to fill out your “dance card.” To experience what is needed to make us whole, complete and more like the Great Spirit, however you view this.

So as this sign indicates, be kind to yourself first. Pray for yourself first in order to be all that you can possibly be. Teach others, like the Mother does, with caring and an open heart for what is to come. Be at peace with the here and now, and look to what is still left to be done in order to grow. Become authentically you!

Thank you Judy!!! To connect to here her and her magic....

Judy Crescenzo

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