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The Summer Solstice 2021

The Summer Solstice 2021

This year the Summer Solstice is on June 20th at 8:32 PM PDT. The Sun is positioned at 0 degrees Cancer 0 minutes heralding the first day of Summer. There are many reasons to celebrate this occasion, especially as it marks the time where we are coming out of the shadows and stepping out into the light of day. It has been an incredible year since the last Summer Solstice, and we have all learned so much! It is now the time to use our creativity and bring our dreams into reality.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water Sign; it begins the Summer season with love and compassion. Being cardinal energy, it initiates new ideas on how to make our physical world a better place to live. It begins with the home, Mother, our family and how we can improve our relationships with each other. It expands out to the world of people we engage with daily, how we treat them and are treated. Being a Water Sign, we are more intuitive, empathetic, and can walk in another's shoes before we judge them, with an open heart. But, this year we are presented with a very interesting planetary lineup that can keep us from reaching the heights we wish to reach. In understanding these energies, we can focus our attention where it is needed.

Two Grand alignments are happening on this day. The first is a Fixed Grand Cross, and the second is a Grand Water Trine. The Fixed Grand Cross looks just like it sounds, four planets squaring each other creating a cross. This is double trouble as these aspects create a very limited agenda, relying on routines, patterns, and what is familiar, keeping us stuck. And, they are all in Fixed Signs! The luminary and planets involved are the Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. So here, depending on where this lands in your chart, we can be suspicious (Scorpio Moon) and angry (Mars in Leo), feeling misunderstood and blocked. The lessons continue about our collective humanity (Saturn in Aquarius) and just how can we be free to recreate our planet (Uranus in Taurus)? Look at your thoughts and feelings in these categories of life, to recognize where your work lies.

But the good news is we have a Grand Water Trine, where three luminaries and planets create a triangle. In this case it is the Sun in Cancer, the Moon in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Pisces. These aspects create harmony with each other, and open fortunate doorways to our well being. We see the synchronicity of elements in our lives, the positive changes we can make for ourselves. Where the Fixed Grand Cross can elicit fear of change, the Grand Water Trine washes away the tears and opens our hearts to goodness for ourselves and others. We just need to see where we are stuck first.

So, on this Grand Occasion, seek out the water closest to you, be it a bath, the river or lake, the ocean; a sacred environment for your celebration of the Water element. I love to celebrate the Solstice energy on the moment it arrives; on June 20th at 8:32 PM PDT. It will still be light out, so being outdoors is the most wonderful way to connect with nature at this time. We are focused on the Mother archetype and all it represents; life, nurturing, family and our home. We are all in the family of life including not only people but plants, animals and all things living. We are here as guardians of the Earth, and in this celebration we see the connectedness between ourselves and all of life. Set up your space with your power objects, be it crystals, cards, candles, flowers, and holy water. You can make your own blessed water by placing your most beloved crystals in a glass bowl of pure water under the Moon the night before. As you set out your water, set your intention on this water being charged with all the energies of our planets and luminaries in a harmonic way. Once you have accomplished this, you can keep this water for ceremonies in a glass jar or vessel.

First, admit your shortcomings, as you have believed them to be. Then ask, “is this really true?” Step out of yourself and take inventory of what has led up to this belief and how you would recommend to move past it; as if you were speaking to a dear friend. Take all the time you need to go down the list of imperfections as you see them, and renegotiate your feelings about them. Remembering all along that there are energies in this world that want to keep you stuck, adhering to old patterns so they can feed off of the fear and pain you are feeling. These can be people or entities you cannot see, but know are there to share in your dismay. This periscopes out to those in power who don’t have our highest good in mind. Don’t be blocked by the illusion that is shown to you through media and other’s beliefs, go to your core and see the truth for yourself.

Then once you have gone down the naughty list;), go to Mother and ask for her grace and insights. We all have a Universal Mother who is very powerful and wants the best for all her children. She wants us to be strong, healthy and vibrant in our lives, displaying our uniqueness and creativity. She knows we can’t do it alone, and encourages us to delegate where needed. She is adamant that we don’t sell ourselves short, don’t be a doormat, and remember to feel her power. So with that in mind, fill yourself with the Light on this longest day of the year and see your energy field glow with the colors of the rainbow! Know you are divinely connected to Spirit and feel her embrace.

Then begin anew.

Judy Crescenzo

email Judy for a private session @

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