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The Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius

This month of June has many inspirations, signals, and possibilities. June 5th at 12:12 PM, PDT heralds the Full Moon in the Sign of Sagittarius.

In these times where we wonder will we ever return to our lives we led in 2019? With the planets and luminaries signaling change, that is unlikely. We are creating our new selfs, from the inside out.

While Full Moons heighten our emotions and push our buttons, a Full Moon Eclipse magnifies this by 10. In the sign of Sagittarius, which rules travel, higher learning and foreign cultures; we are feeling the energy of this Fire Sign urging us to get out and seek new paths to creativity and unlimited thinking. We are being shown the opposition of the Sun and Moon with Full Moons, and we see the battle of consciousness weighing on our minds in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Gemini skims the surface while Sagittarius leaves no stone unturned in it’s search for truth. We are pushed to our limits to break free and find our own truths, our own power and seek our own wisdom.

On June 5th we have Mars stationed at 15 degrees Pisces, exactly squaring the Sun and Moon. This means there is more energy added to this Full Moon from Mars, the warrior planet. While Mars transits the sign of Pisces this warrior is sympathetic to the cause of the victims, those who are disenfranchised or taken advantage of. Add to this Venus Retrograde conjoined the Sun in Gemini. It slows down our forward movement in our relationships and financial affairs so we can rethink, renegotiate and reappraise our values and needs.

So this Full Moon is full of potential. The highest use of this energy is to look deeply within, admit our limitations honestly, and work with the highest goals to free ourselves from our past. Recreate our future free from self deception. Free from fear of the unknown, as we’ve been living through the unknown for months now. If we seek our own enlightenment over all else, we clear the path to our higher mind and higher version of ourselves. These planets and luminaries support us in this quest. Life becomes magical when we treat it as so. May I suggest you create a sacred space, an altar, and as you create it consider what you are bringing into your new reality, as represented by this altar. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so a candle would bring in this element. It is the sign of higher learning, and religion, so a representation of your highest beliefs could include a statue, a symbol, a deity you revere, or a crystal that links you with the beyond. Get creative, add flowers, divining tools as Runes or Tarot cards, whatever you are guided to add to your altar. The purpose here is not the “stuff” but the intention behind it. Sacred is sacred.

On this Full Moon Eclipse, feel the power of the universe guide you to reveal your stumbling blocks that need clearing in your path. Sit by your altar, indoors or outdoors, and begin your journey. Close your eyes and imagine you are in your Sacred Garden. You unlock the doorway into this garden through your heart chakra. This is your garden, and the garden will reveal itself to you in a stage of needing work or as a glorious work of art; or everything in between. Our sacred garden is our own to create and we plant the seeds of our future hopes and wishes there.

If you come to your garden and are seeing a barren place, it is time to recreate it. Is it full of rocks that limit the growing space? Choose the most notable ones and one by one put your hand on them and ask who they are and why they are there. Have dialog with them and learn why they impede your path into your lush garden. They can simply disappear once you’ve understood what they represent, or you may use them to build with, as they’ve been transmuted into wisdom. Or when you enter your garden you may be pleasantly surprised to find a beautifully landscaped place full of unknown gifts and delights. You can explore and learn of all the beauty that lives within you and your heart.

However you find your Sacred Garden, it is always up for change, and ready to fully support your seeds planted, your buildings built, your bridges over waterways; all creations. This journey can be revisited time and time again to check in on the progress of your creation. Once you have explored and learned, thank your garden and those Spirit Helpers who help to tend it for their assistance. Come back to your physical reality and write what you’ve learned in a journal or file. You will be amazed looking back on these journey notes at how far you have come due to your passion to be your highest version.

There is much more in store this month; The Summer Solstice Saturday June 20th coinciding with a New Moon Lunar Eclipse. Pluto and Jupiters combined energies inspiring the Phoenix principle, and 6 planets Retrograde this month. So seek the high ground and keep an open mind.

Judy Crescenzo (email for appointments)

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