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Summer Solstice 2022

The long awaited (at least for me;) first moment of Summer arrives on June 21st, at 2:14 AM PDT! The longest day and the shortest night happens on this day, bringing us to the beginning of the sign of Cancer. As we leave behind the Air Sign of Gemini, and move into this Cardinal Water Sign, the mood changes from very mental to feeling, sensing and caring so much more.

Cancer is the sign that Summer begins, and heralds a shift in perception. This Cardinal sign leads us all into our hearts, where we want to help others, love our families, and share what we have. The Water element brings about a sensitivity that inspires us to be strict and honest in this sign, but also very kind and caring. The Moon rules this sign, and represents Mother, home and family. Like a good Mother, Cancer shows us how to be better people and to see ourselves part of a bigger family. Traditionally on this occasion we celebrate with those we care most about, and get outdoors to enjoy this special day.

In ancient times monuments were built of stone to align with the Sun on this day. It alerted the people of the coming days of Solar powers to grow their crops and know the seasons. Many centuries later we still observe these sites; some go to these locations to pray and observe the placement of the Sun's rays. My favorite way to commemorate this day is to go to the beach or a beautiful outdoor location and create a wheel, or circle of stones, marked in the 4 directions. Each quarter of the circle would represent a different time of life; from the child, to the teen, to the Mother, to the wise woman. I would enter in the South, the child quadrant. I would review any/all Spirit would show me I still needed to see in order to move forward. Once I was full of insight and light, I would move to the teen/West, doing the same, until I was in the East with the old crone. Each quadrant is alive with questions, answers, and enlightenment. I would exit from the East with a new feeling, a new understanding of my life, and how to improve it.

On this day, astrologically speaking, there are planetary and luminary alignments to assist us or challenge us in our quest. The Sun in Cancer at 0 degrees 0 minutes is square the Moon in Aries. You’ll have powerful emotional attachments to the past, your family, your childhood, those places you associate with safety and security and your beginnings. But with the Moon in Aries, you may feel that you are at cross purposes with yourself, for your conscious intentions and desires (Sun) conflict with your subconscious emotional needs and drives (Moon). You are pulled in two different directions and can have difficulty satisfying both your need to be an individual and your need for caring relationships and a sense of belonging. Balance is needed.

The Sun is square Jupiter in Aries, inspiring big aspirations and the desire to succeed in life in a grand way. You may tend to exaggerate, to promise more than is possible, and to misjudge through over-optimism. Restlessness and discontent with responsibilities and limitations in life can be troublesome for you at this time. Help is here with the Sun trine Saturn in Aquarius. Realistic and practical, you can set goals for yourself that are modest enough for you to actually achieve. You are able to tackle long, difficult projects and see them through, for you’ll possess self-discipline, concentration, and perseverance. You also have a strong sense of responsibility and are very conscientious in fulfilling your obligations.

The Sun in Cancer also squares Neptune in Pisces. You’ll be extremely sensitive and imaginative, and you can get lost in your dreams, fantasies, and visions. You are attracted to artistic and creative pursuits, the world of color, beauty, and emotion. You are also drawn to mysticism and have deep spiritual aspirations and yearnings. Gentle and peace-loving, if you lack the will and competitive spirit needed to make your way in the world, you may seek to avoid or escape the hard realities of life.

This is a very creative time of year, supported by our Sun in Cancer. Take time to focus your attention on not only the celebration of Summer, but look at the opportunity to change course and move forward in new ways. As our world changes, so do we, with new insights and understandings of what was and what is.

Focus on the heart, on Mother Earth and all she bestows upon us. Gratitude for all that we have, taking the attention away from lack and fear of what is to come. Stay grounded and be at peace.

Thank you Judy for your wisdom! For a private reading please email her:

Judy Crescenzo

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