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New Moon in Pisces 3/2/2022

The Sun and Moon align at 12 degrees 7 minutes Pisces at 9:36 AM PST. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and rules the last house of a horoscope. It is the last month of Winter, the sign of endings and graduation; tying up the cycle of our last “Solar” year. Pisces represents the review that must be done before rebirth can take place. Then the new year begins again with the sign of Aries at the Vernal Equinox.

Pisces is the fourth and final water sign, breaking the ice before moving into Spring. This sign is so very sensitive, sometimes it can cloud one’s judgment. The energy of this sign is so susceptible to blending with others, it can become undefined and lose itself. Pisces is a Mutable Water sign. The Mutable signs are at the end of a season, and as such are adaptable and ready for change.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, feminine and passive energy. It represents the fork in the road between illusion and delusion; the high road or the low road. The low road can be difficult due to escapism, drugs and alcohol, wanting to not be held accountable; whereas the high road can lead to spiritual destinations, wisdom and creativity. The glyph or symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. It describes the dual nature of this energy; the lower and higher. Pisceans are pulled in two directions, and are constantly challenged with choosing the right path. The greatest use of this energy is to seek spiritual understanding through finding our voice in the real world. To not procrastinate and buckle under pressure. To look for examples in the world to strive for, and to resist the temptation to escape reality and find spirituality in the bottom of a bottle.

This is the “Dreamtime”, the time of year where we look over the past and dream in our future. We look at our shortcomings, our feelings, and our emotions and wish to better ourselves. But, if we see the world through rose colored glasses, as can happen under this sign; we will fail to look at the truth. Likewise, if we see the world through jaundiced eyes, where everything is horrible, we suffer as well. This is a time for clarity, as we climb the ladder of future visions and hopes and dreams.

This time around we have a blessing with the Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter at 14 degrees Pisces. Jupiter expands the ability to understand others here, as this sign is compassionate, intuitive and sympathetic. With all of these good motives, the opposite action can take place avoiding controversy and difficult situations. Jupiter exaggerates whatever sign it is in; and here we think of the high and the low roads again. This is the sign of the unconscious mind, and if we’re not careful, old habits and programming can kick in and take over. So we must consciously seek the high ground.

The Sun and Moon are sextile Uranus at 11 degrees Taurus. This makes you crave freedom, adventure and excitement. You want to feel free and uninhibited, and might want to do something fresh and new. Creativity comes to mind as both Pisces and Taurus love beauty and harmony. Both signs work together to create an appealing tomorrow, full of color, humor and inspiration. Pisces is a communicator, and Taurus is a life enhancing Earth sign, so anything under the Sun from writing to planting seeds is great now.

Another group of planets are sitting at the same degree and sign while the New Moon arrives. It is Venus, Mars and Pluto, all stationed at 27 degrees Capricorn. WOW! This is very powerful. Venus=values, finances, love. Mars=independence, war, courage. Pluto=transformation, reform, the Phoenix. This is a volatile time for our planet, but with the harmony of Venus and Mars side by side, we have access to our own balance of polarities; yin/yang. Add Pluto and with this harmony we seek release, we surrender to change. Where we cannot control the direction our “leaders” take us, we have authority over how we respond, react, and live our lives. We are sovereign, don’t believe otherwise. See through the illusion of what is being presented to us, and seek the highest truth. Don’t settle for second hand information, do your own research and seek the clarity that each of us deserves.

So, on the New Moon, surround yourself with calm. Bring in your power objects. Set up your altar. Take time to walk down memory lane, and take another look in hindsight of what this last year has taught you. Celebrate the changes in you that this year provided. And dream about what goals you’d like to set for yourself, knowing when Aries comes, it’s go time;)


Judy Crescenzo

For a private session/ astrology chart email Judy!

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