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New Moon in Gemini 6/17/23

At 9:37 PM the Sun and Moon share the degree of 26 Gemini 43 minutes. This double Mutable Air Sign is preparing us for the coming Summer season! The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer on the 22nd of June this year, and with it very different energies.

Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning the last month of a season. All mutable signs are adaptable, ready for change. It is an Air sign, very mental, intellectual and full of wit. This Air sign is inquisitive; wanting to know a little bit about everything. Sometimes this energy gets scattered in many directions, finding it difficult to settle on one thing. The glyph for Gemini is the twins, showing how this binary sign can be both sides of the coin. Never landing on one thing can get this sign to do nothing about what they are interested in, so directing attention is a good thing. Geminis in many ways can be the eternal child. Their mind is bright, alert, curious, flexible, playful, and always eager for new experiences - and their attention span is often quite brief. They can grasp ideas quickly and once their initial curiosity has been satisfied, they want to go on to something else.

They crave frequent change, variety, meeting new situations and people.

Gemini is ruled by the God Mercury. Mercury is the messenger, and so are Geminis. The mental capacity and the speedy delivery of those thoughts are what Gemini‘s can excel in. The challenge is to stay connected to the world through not only the mind, but physically and emotionally. Gemini‘s can be aloof and cool. In order to put this double dual sign to its best use, it’s time to write, to speak, to communicate ideas and beliefs to those you love and care about. With the New Moon arriving later in the evening, gathering like minded souls and passing the “talking stick” in a circle would be perfect. The talking stick is passed around the group and allows for multiple people to speak in turn.

This year the Sun and Moon square the planet Neptune in Pisces. With the Sun square Neptune we are extremely sensitive and imaginative, and can get lost in our dreams, fantasies, and visions. You’ll be attracted to artistic and creative pursuits, the world of color, beauty, and emotion. You'll also be drawn to mysticism with deep spiritual aspirations and yearnings. Feeling gentle and peace-loving, you may lack the will and competitive spirit needed to make your way in the world, and may seek to avoid or escape the hard realities of life. This setup is to be overcome.

With the Moon square Neptune, you are a dreamer, attracted to the inner, mystical side of life, and may have trouble distinguishing the real from the imagined or illusory. You do not enjoy confrontation and can become very evasive when problems in your personal

life arise, escaping into your imagination in order to avoid dealing with them directly. You are also rather gullible and naive about people, especially if your sympathy has been aroused. You are very sensitive to music and can use it to bring yourself into emotional balance and harmony.

So on this occasion, put on some music, have some yummy snacks available, and share ideas with others. Or, if alone journaling and writing down goals you have for yourself brings the ideomotor response into play. This full body mind activity is a positive outlet for this New Moon, knowing what seeds we sow now will come to fruition once the Moon is full in Gemini on November 27th, 2023.

Judy Crescenzo

PS I now have two web channels;

Skypatterns on YouTube and Skypatterns on Patreon. Please come for a visit and a journey!

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