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New Moon in Aquarius 2022 1/31/22

On January 31st at 9:46 PM PST the Sun and Moon align at 12 degrees 20 minutes Aquarius. This New Moon is the break we have been waiting for; bringing us a new, objective way of seeing our lives.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. This Sun Sign rules the second month of Winter, making it the fourth fixed sign of the zodiac. (Remember, the “solar year” begins with Aries in late March). Fixed signs are constant and grounded, and this one makes a steadfast and loyal friend. Air signs lead with the intellect, are mental beings. Astrologers say Aquarius is an air sign of high humidity, meaning it is compassionate intellect. This is the sign of the teacher or professor, who has arrived at conclusions and wishes to share them with others.

The planet Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, and as discussed before, it is the activator planet. It is such a restless energy that it provokes our rigidity and frustrated energy to shake us out of our rut. Without Uranus rattling our cage now and then we would settle into destructive and limiting patterns. The glyph for Aquarius is The Waterbearer, or waves of water. The pouring of the water from a reliable source and sharing it with others is the meaning. The water nourishes, like knowledge. It is bringing people into the fold, like a baptism. They share their philosophy willingly.

The highest use of this New Moon in Aquarius is to open your mind up to change, to the profound, and to share your ideas with those around you. This is a humanitarian sign, and a time to celebrate our uniqueness while realizing we are not here alone.

This alignment of the Sun and Moon are conjoined by Saturn at 15 degrees Aquarius. This solemn planet brings a seriousness to this lunation; it challenges us with a distrust of groups which complicates things. Here we are looking at ourselves as part of humanity and wishing to share and reach out to others. Look at where you don’t trust others, and realize if you “know” their motivations and can extend a deeper understanding of their behavior, the distrust turns into a deeper discernment and insight. We can get along with others that have different perceptions, different views if only we open our hearts. What led them to their current understanding? What has happened to them in their life? This curious sign/energy can lead you to compassion, which leads to a better way of communication.

The Sun and Moon are squared Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus. This brings about a craving for excitement, an impulsive streak that can bring sudden changes. It inspires adventure, freedom and discovery. It may be difficult to make or keep commitments,

since you won’t know how you will be feeling from one day to the next. Your domestic life can be very unstable at this time. Break old patterns, try something new!

At this time Mercury is retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn. Mercury=Mind and Pluto=Transformation. And while in this sign, it is time to go over, once again, just what are we creating in our physical world? Is it in alignment with our new way of thinking? After the last two years, we have all changed how we see the world. Are we creating from our new world view, or staying stuck in old dreams?

With all of the planets and luminaries encouraging us to reveal our new selves, we are being motivated to drop our old forms and rebirth. The goal now is to look at reality in an elevated way; to see what changes are needed to come about in order to set up our new reality. It could be simply seeing things differently that calms the soul and releases us from judgment and limitation. We are all here together in the schoolhouse known as Planet Earth; put on those thinking caps and open up your mind to the new you!

Judy Crescenzo

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