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Full Moon in Virgo 2021

On February 27th at 12:17 AM PST the Sun and Moon oppose each other exactly, bringing us the Full Moon in Virgo. The Sun is stationed at 8 degrees 57 minutes Pisces, and the Moon is at 8 degrees 57 minutes Virgo. This Pisces/Virgo axis is very interesting, as it represents our collective unconscious (Pisces) and what we dream to be true, and our rational mind (Virgo) and what we see with our own eyes.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and the last month of the solar year. It is the sign of endings, of graduation. It is the last Water Sign of the year occurring in Winter, and symbolizes breaking the ice and preparing the ground for the seeds of Spring to sprout. Ruling the last house, it shows us what needs attention before rebirth. It is potentially the highest version of humanity, or, the least conscious, escaping responsibility. It is ruled by Neptune; the planet that shows us the fork in the road between the low road and the high road. The low road is cloudy, confused, and excuses one for fleeing from obligations; the high road delivers spiritual wisdom, compassion and creativity. So this energy provides us choices to make on how we proceed for our highest good.

Opposite this is the Virgo Full Moon. We know Full Moons are intense emotionally, and they affect our​ physical bodies as well as our behavior. When in the sign of Virgo, an Earth Sign representing the harvest; we are analyzing, organizing and taking inventory in order to learn from what worked and what didn’t in our “garden”, or life. This sign is ruled by Mercury, the messenger, and is very sharp. This is a duty bound, service oriented sign, and takes its obligations seriously. It makes us strive for perfection, and can over scrutinize and feel like a wet blanket. Again, balancing the energy to best use it.

So these two opposite energies are the topics of this event. Are you in balance between the dreamer and the physical manifestor? Do you follow through on your aspirations, or do you avoid making decisions that will commit you to possible failure? This Full Moon could bring stark realizations (Virgo) that shatter your version of reality (Pisces), and open up new perceptions of clarity. Of truth. With so much happening in our world right now, I can only speculate on how this will occur. It is global, as well as personal. There’s speculation we may have extreme weather events with water and wind, or flooding. There’s also speculation of global events that change our perspective of the truth.

My notion is always to keep an open mind, and know that I don’t know everything happening behind the scenes. In this age of Aquarius, we are meant to open our minds and hearts to freedom, for ourselves and everyone else. When we find out about the injustices happening around the globe, it enlightens us to the truth which can be very disconcerting. We must take a stand on what we learn, and how it affects our lives.

On the personal level, the Virgo Full Moon can open our eyes by digging in to find the feather of truth. The Pisces Sun can be of assistance by setting goals that are for the good of mankind, with the guidance of spiritual ambition. We each have a gift to share, a unique take on life, and now is the time to bring that forward. No more procrastination (Pisces), no more low self esteem (Virgo); time for dreaming the big dream (Pisces) and organizing your life to accomplish it (Virgo). Every sign has it’s lower and higher use of it’s energies, and it’s up to us how we use it.

So with this Full Moon, we can see the results of our plans set on the New Moon. Even bigger, we can look at the consequences of the choices we have made for ourselves and our lives to see if we were successful. With the echoes of the past year resounding in our heads, we need to clear the decks, wipe the hard drive, whatever metaphor you need for letting go of past beliefs and expectations before being reborn. We are in a new world that we are recreating. Don’t bring along the garbage on this new adventure. Let it melt away like the snow of winter, and set your sights on the renewal Spring brings.

I hope this Full Moon brings about the realizations that nothing is what it was, and under our new circumstances there is an opportunity to recreate. The sky's the limit if only you believe it. Let go of the fears that block you from climbing up the ladder for a grander view and life. Get out of your own way and access your highest version!

Judy Crescenzo

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