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Full Moon in Libra April 5th, 2023

The Moon reaches its apex at 9:34 PM, PDT. The Sun is stationed at 16 degrees Aries 7 minutes, and the Moon is at 16 degrees Libra 7 minutes. This is a special Full Moon for those who celebrate Easter, as it falls on the first Sunday following this Moon every year. Passover begins before sundown on this Full Moon as well.

The Full Moon in Libra is the culmination ofwhat began when the Moon was New in Libra; September 25th of 2022. Whether consciously or unconsciously when we set goals, dreamt up plans, or begin projects at that time, we were collectively viewing the world through the lens of “we” versus “me.” At that time the Sun and Moon were both united in Libra, degree for degree, and its influence was to be inclusive and not alone. Now with the

Sun in Aries, we are motivated to look at the axis of these two Cardinal Signs. They are both leaders; one of our own destiny (Aries) and the other of those we share our lives with (Libra). We may have been lost in the idea that we were safe, we were stronger united with others; but now we look at the result of those thoughts and actions and see where we fit in the midst of it. Have we reached our goals of unity and justice as Libra insists upon, or do we have a different mindset now?

Libra is an Air Sign. Libra wants to give everyone a voice when leading a group. Libra is active/male in its polarity, but gentle and compromising energy. This makes it hard for the Libran energy to find its leadership opportunities, as it is its nature to seek all sides and at times, take no sides. Libra is the second air sign of the zodiac, intellectual and psychological. It is a social energy, bent on the more the merrier. But Librans seek balance through isolation at times, to recharge and rethink. They are so mental and fair; at times they go around in circles trying to make a decision. This can be overcome through discipline and courage.

Libra is ruled by Venus, along with Taurus. The arts, music, harmony and beauty are very important to Librans. Venus is the planet of love and attraction, affection, and values. Due to the active/male energy governing Libra, the feminine energy brought by Venus accentuates the balance of the sign: Male/Female. Again, astrologers believe another planet will be discovered that is the true rulership of Libra. Time will tell. The symbol for Libra is the Scales of Justice. Libra energy denotes fairness, justice, and balance. It also is read as a half setting sun below the horizon, thus the first half of the year culminating and the second begun. Balance, equality, harmony and peace are necessary for a happy Libran. The highest use for this energy is to seek balance in life. To find balance in work/play, social/alone time, material and spiritual pursuits. To learn to make choices built on personal conviction rather than always trying to make someone else happy. To find their voice and work honestly toward harmony in all environments.

On this occasion Jupiter plays a role, expanding and exaggerating this energy. It is conjunct the Sun and opposes the Moon. Uniting with the Sun at 20 degrees Aries bestows abundant optimism, self-confidence, and a cheerful generosity. Your good will and friendliness can win you many allies. You also may have grand visions and aspirations, with the desire to succeed in life in a big way. With the opposition to the Moon, you’ll have a cheerful disposition and want to reach out to others in a warm, open, friendly way. Your emotional generosity and lack of pettiness will assist your circle of friends at this time, and others may seek you out for help, sympathy, or advice. You’ll be willing to overlook others' faults, and may overdo your charitableness. So, remember the key to this sign is “balance.”

Another milestone to consider at this time is Pluto moving into the sign of Aquarius. It has been in Capricorn from November 27th, 2008 to March 22nd 2023. On March 23 it entered Aquarius, and will go retrograde June 11th before returning to the sign of Aquarius January 20th, 2024. So what you say? Well, Pluto in Capricorn has been about financial, material and structural transformations. Capricorn knows of traditional hierarchies and reaching the pinnacle of the mountain. Pluto is a planet that symbolizes power and transformation. In Capricorn, Pluto asks us to see the corruption that lays at the heart of our relationship to the earth's resources. Pluto in Aquarius will bring metamorphosis through seeing the needs of society transformed through breakthroughs in medicine and healing, technology and science. “Power to the people” could be the mantra or battle cry for the next two decades. Aquarius is progressive, always looking to improve the future, and Pluto isn’t afraid of destroying what limits us and transforming it into something better. It is a time of personal responsibility rather than dependence.

There is a revolution coming; one of a new frontier in our thinking, our beliefs, those in charge, on and on. Celebrate this Libra Full Moon balancing the needs of ourselves with those of others somehow. A perfect time for a meeting of the like minded, to observe and dream a new vision within the construct of the lives we lead. The key is to stay open minded and willing to follow our vision of the future with courage and grace.

Thank you Judy Crescenzo for your wisdom! For a private session please email -

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