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Full Moon in Capricorn 7/3/2023

On July 3rd at 4:39 AM PDT the Moon is full in the sign of Capricorn. The Sun is at 11 degrees Cancer 19 minutes, and the Moon is stationed at 11 degrees Capricorn 19 minutes. As with every Full Moon, this is the culmination of all things hoped for, wished for and worked on when the Moon was new, back on December 23rd, 2022. During the holiday season we are all consumed with giving to others, gifting them what we think will be of service to them, from a new pair of socks to something they always wanted. But, someone had to provide the means of these gifts, and that is what Capricorn is all about.

This sign is about responsibility and being grounded in the world. It rules our career choices, our reputation and the 10th house of the zodiac. This house describes how we put ourselves into the world, and what we do for our “work.” At the time of the New Moon, the Sun shares the same degree giving us the full spectrum of how we shine (Sun) and how we feel about it (Moon). There is no better time to face the music of our lives and decide if we are on the right path. This no nonsense sign wishes to climb the heights, slow but sure, to reach the top of the mountain of our goals. This is illustrated by the glyph representing this sign; the SeaGoat. Able to reach the depths of the sea to find the hidden pearl, and to climb seemingly unreachable goals up the mountain trail. There is a dedication to follow those goals, and now with the Full Moon we can observe how far we’ve come.

The Full Moon always shows us opposites, with the Sun and Moon seemingly in conflict. Here the Sun is in a Water Sign, full of compassion and willing to sacrifice, while the Moon is in an Earth Sign, dug in and determined. When we look at our current situation in life, these signs can show us where we fall short, or have grasped the idea of this axis being necessary to our well being. Capricorn can be aloof, almost cold in its emotional response, while Cancer is all about feelings. It is time to strike a balance when it comes to caring and daring.

We have come to this incarnation to learn and grow, to add to our personality, and our soul that which we haven’t fully experienced. We may look at what keeps us from living life fully, and blame others for our shortcomings. But the truth is we chose this “blueprint” also known as our Natal Chart, with all the potentials. At this time we can see clearly what we chose and why, due to these signs and energies. Ultimately, we chose to learn about love; love of self and love of others. Can we love ourselves as we are or is there more to learn? Heck yeah, there’s more to learn so don’t give up! We are divine beings, learning how to be closer to those we admire for their strength of purpose and those that share unconditionally. We are, after all ALL THAT IS, a drop in the pool of Great Spirit, here to shine in our own right. A member of humanity, yet an individual. The Sun reminds us in its energy how to shine best in this current lifetime, and this Full Moon shows us the way to get there. One sure footed step to the next.

On this occasion the planet Mercury is conjunct the Sun, and opposite the Moon. With the Sun's help, you’ll tend to see things from your perspective only and to be rather subjective. You will also enjoy talking and expressing your views but you won't always listen as well. You will have a clear mind, a love of learning and new experiences, and need constant mental stimulation and activity. The Moon presents the need for the personal, human element to evoke your interest. Your interest is in people and their inner motivations, feelings, personal lives, and experiences. You’ll be a natural listener with a talent for getting others to talk about their lives, dreams, desires - the things that are personally meaningful to them. So the balance here is sharing information with each other while listening to others, yet focusing on your own life and well being. We have all of the answers inside of us, it’s simply opening that door to the infinite part of us, and listening and acting on the wisdom shared with us. Be brave and go to the wellspring of your soul. The door will open and behind it is the glory that is you.

Thank you Judy for your insight and wisdom! For more of Judy in your life please email for a 1:1 session and check out her sighs and download her journeys!

Judy Crescenzo

Skypatterns on YouTube and Patreo

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