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Full Moon in Capricorn 2024

On June 21st at 6:06 PM PDT the Moon is Full at 1 degree Capricorn 7 minutes. This occurs the day after the Summer Solstice. The Sun is stationed at 1 degree Cancer 7 minutes opposite the Moon. A Full Moon always happens when the Sun and Moon oppose each other exactly.

And with every Full Moon, we look at when the Moon was new in the same sign and what we were hoping to achieve. The New Moon is the time to design your future hopes, wishes and goals that pertain to the sign. The Moon was new on January 11th of this year, and was a time to look at your career, ambitions and reputation, if working with that sign. Capricorn, at its core, represents your life’s work. This may or may not have anything to do with your actual job. Your life’s work may be your hobby, child, garden, or meditation practice. Capricorn is all about climbing the mountain of success, slow but sure.

It is a Cardinal Earth sign; Cardinal as it is the first month of Winter, and the Earth element keeps them grounded and focused on the “prize.” With hard work and dedication, Capricorns achieve what they set out to do. So just what were you hoping for, or wishing to manifest when the Moon was new in this sign? The Full Moon is one of the culmination and whether or not you achieved what you set your sights on. It’s a reminder of how far you’ve come, or haven’t.

On this occasion, the Sun and Moon both square Neptune, creating a T-Square. Neptune is stationed at 29 degrees Pisces 54 minutes. You may say, but Pisces doesn’t square Cancer and Capricorn (Sun and Moon signs), but when it is 1 degree away from Aries, we “round up” as astrologers to the next sign. Neptune in the last degree of Pisces, the sign it rules, is still active. When we talk about a T-Square, it involves 2 luminaries or planets that oppose each other, and the third one is squared by both. We look to the third planet for insights on how to relieve the tension naturally built up in the opposition. The focal planet Neptune is known here as the apex.

So we look to Neptune to help us, to guide us to the best action to take at this time. The word that comes to mind is KINDNESS. If we all open our hearts and minds to the fact that we are here together, all with the potential to improve our lives if we set our goals correctly. By this I mean using the Golden Rule to guide our decisions and choices. Neptune in Pisces is so empathetic and caring. It is feminine and passive energy. Neptune shows the fork in the road between the low road and the high road. The low road is cloudy, confused, escaping reality. The high road brings spiritual wisdom, creativity and compassion. It urges us to take the high road at this time, and balance the energies with love.

The cool thing this year is we have two Full Moons in Capricorn, one at the first degree on June 21st and the second happening at 29º Capricorn on July 21! This is a rare occurrence, giving us all the opportunity to really drive home what it is we are here for and how to make it really great! Don’t let this one pass you by, as we all could use a bit of help to gain the clarity of our purpose in our lives. Our awareness of who we are and how best to reach the summit of our goals is upon us. Use this opportunity to really improve and move forward in life.

I suggest you get outside on this Full Moon, and take a long walk. Look around you at how life is so full in nature, and how it reflects back to us how full our lives can be! Enjoy this lunation cycle with the hope to become all you can be in this life. It is up to you:)

Judy Crescenzo, and skypatterns on YouTube and Patreon

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