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Full Moon in Cancer 2022

On January 17th at 3:48 PM PST the Sun opposes the Moon. The Sun is stationed at 27 degrees Capricorn 51 minutes, while the Moon is at 27 degrees Cancer 51 minutes. These two cardinal signs are very different, and with this Full Moon, let’s look at how we can balance these energies.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and this is it’s time to shine! This cardinal water sign has many facets; first of all it begins the season of Summer, while Capricorn begins Winter. Cancer is the sign of the Mother that gives birth and sustenance to their creation, whether it be human, animal, plant or otherwise. This is in its highest form. Otherwise Cancers, due to their water nature can be bossy and dictators to those around them, as they can have little patience when cornered and can come out fighting. After all, they are leaders that want to be heard. This sign can struggle with authorities, criticism and those who propose to know more than them about their very lives! You don’t want to get between a Cancer and their offspring, as they will protect those they love to the death! Capricorn, on the other hand, is an earth sign, bent on individual ambitions and success. The earth element adds a practicality to this sign, making Capricorn a builder, like Taurus, but more action initiating and ambitious. They build upon their last success, learn from their mistakes, and appreciate the material things that life can offer. They work hard for what they receive and it’s lasting rather than fleeting. This sign is ruled by Saturn; all about duty, limitation/caution, and discipline. All practical efforts are expected to bring material results.

At the time of this Full Moon, there are other planets working with these luminaries. The Sun is conjunct Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn. This planetary combination can bring a compulsive desire for personal recognition, an infatuation with power, intense feelings and a tremendous ability for good or evil. Pluto is the destroyer of limitation, and intensifies Capricorn's already ambitious nature. And while it sits with the Sun, it opposes the Moon. You can have intense desires and feelings, and your personal relationships will feel deeply emotional, passionate, and often stormy and painful as well. There are powerful magnetic ties between yourself and those you care about, and you could become emotionally obsessed with another person. Your feelings can become so urgent and compelling that you do things that are not rational. You may undergo emotional upheavals and purging, where you must break all ties, release the past and begin anew.

Also, the Moon is trine Neptune in Pisces. This enables us to go deep into our sensitive nature, where we notice the nuances and can read between the lines when listening to others. It is very psychic energy and empowers us with a calm persistence to get to the heart of the matter. Where Pluto actively challenges us to change, Neptune showers us with a loving and peaceful understanding of others. These two water signs bless us by helping to remind us before judging others, take a walk in their shoes.

While all of these energies are driving us to open up, look at what motivates us, and make a worthwhile plan on how to get ahead; Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius at 9 degrees. It went into retrograde January 14th and will last until February 3rd. Any sluggish/lifeless patterns can be delved into with the movement of Mercury slowing down. This retrograde can assist these energies by the planets it is in relationship with at this time. Mercury is conjunct Saturn, at 13 degrees Aquarius. At this time we are serious and deep, and after thoroughly considering and studying a matter, we will offer an opinion. It gives us an aptitude for research or doing mental work that requires precise, organized thinking and attention to detail.

Mercury is square Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus retrograde. This brings us original thoughts, unique discoveries and innovations; unless you scatter your energies in too many directions at once. That could lead to impulsive or hasty decisions. We can grasp ideas very quickly and become impatient with duller or more limited thinking. A fast-moving, mentally stimulating, and unpredictable atmosphere will suit you quite well, even though you may complain about the stress and the crazy pace.

On this Full Moon we are balancing the nature of “me” and “we.” The truth is we can’t have one without the other. These two signs are yin and yang, and the Moon and the Sun opposite each other ask for compromise on some level. How do we improve the “me” part of the equation, while enhancing the “we”? We embody both principles, our brains are ruled by rationality and compassion at the same time. I think if you take a good long look at your life, you can find where these principles are being tested. Wherever you notice there’s work to be done on yourself, don’t run away, but embrace it! Becoming a better you can only make improvements in the life you share with others, and having compassion and understanding of what drives your and other’s actions can bring about peace to our world.

So at this time, where some keep trying to divide us, let us see we are all part of humanity, with very different reasons for being alive. Find your reasons, large and small, and work to upgrade and enhance your life by shining your light. You ARE a special, unique individual, no one is JUST like you! So show your abilities and gifts and share your knowledge with the world in a special way! Help society with what you have to offer; what goes around comes around;)

Judy Crescenzo

email Judy for a personal chart and reading!

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