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April Full Moon, Libra

On this powerful Full Moon, it’s time to put focus on your relationships. Are you giving more than you are receiving in a love relationship, or is it the other way around?

Libra is about finding balance and meeting your heart with matched energy. This full moon is met by Venus and Uranus which will brew up and surface problems with any off balance parts in your relationships.

You might start to feel restless and rebellious. So go inward into your heart center to seek the truth. You hold the power to truth when you ask for the veil of your story to be lifted.

Here’s a great Full Moon Ritual that will allow you (if you desire) to see where you’re off balance and see your truth.When you find yourself able to listen to your truth, this can uplift your life in multiple ways!


Candle(s) Colors

Red - Letting go of anger, aggression, sexual assault

Orange- Letting go of blocks around birthing, imbalance, creativity, lack of inspiration and feeling no intimacy in relationships

Directions for Candle Lighting:

Take a pen/paper/matches, choose a candle that represents what you are seeking to let go of (or choose both).

Sit down and close your eyes and take 3 big deep breathes into your heart. Then, as you're breathing deeply out to the sky to reset, ask and allow yourself to feel and see the truth of your imbalances around your heart. See if you get a picture, a thought of someone, a word popping into your head, or a feeling of discomfort in your body (if you get a physical discomfort, ask this area to release the imprint of pain/fear/story).

Then write down what showed up in your breathing moments... after writing these down, take your paper with a bowl of water, and light it on fire over the water safety check) !!

Tip: See how fast it burns.. the slower the burn, the more you have to release. If it burns quickly. then you have fully released the negative blocks/energy.

After the paper has burned, take your candle(s) and hold it to your heart center. Visualize the opposite of what you released. Take your time, there is no rush...

When you feel the shift of your focus in your heart, light your candle(s). Let them burn out, and as the days pass, you can see from the candle how close you are to being free from what you’ve let go! Remember, allow the candle to fully burn out. This can take up to 5 days to fully burn.


Safety Precaution:

With allowing your candle to stay lite until its burnt out, please leave your candle in a safe area that is blocked from falling over or in a closed space. I recommend to keep the candle either in a sink with a flat surface, a shower and/or bathtub for over the period of 3-8 days. When candle is finished, clean out glass jar and recycle the glass.

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