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San Miguel de Allende Retreat Pricing

San Miguel de Allende 

What's Included:

Experience Add- On's

  • 6 days at SMdA finest boutique Hotels

  • Daily Bed & Breakfast at our Casa

  • Healing Sessions and Groups Ceremony

  • Hot Springs

  • Daily Guided Meditation

  • 1 hr Massage

  • Supper

  • All Transportation

  • One on One Sessions

  • Mexican Finest

  • Jewelry Hunt

  • Spa Treatments

  • Hot Air Balloon Tour

  • Nutrition Consultations


Our Casa

This boutique hotel is in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. Our casa provides welcoming staff who are at your beck and call. It has an authentic feel, 14 rooms, with a 5-minute brisk walk into the main square.


Retreat Description

Jennifer's office is located in Studio City, California.
She also has global clientele whom she works with via Skype, FaceTime and phone sessions!

Possible Sessions:

Individual Healing Session:

1 hr session

Our Shaman digs deep into your soul to help identify your internal blocks, identifies physical sickness and pain, and does energetic “surgery” and emotional clearing if necessary.


Mayan Healer 

2 hr session

She clears your “stuck” physical emotions using ancient Mayan techniques. Each treatment is personalized for what she feels from your body.. a massage-like session using sage, music, etc


Intuitive Healing

2 to 2.5 hr session

Jennifer is known for a unique experience of tapping into your Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical bodies for gathering any blockages from reaching vital health. 


A 1 hr massage with a local body healer.


Fire Ceremony

A 2-hour group ceremony honoring the spirits that help us heal and transform our past and find peace in the present moving forward.


Threading; Jennifer connects to the physical body organs and systems to find where you are holding emotional and spiritual blocks.

She identifies what age this block was created and will clear the “root” of this disconnect which brings you to the stage of forgiveness, compassion, and awareness which then shifts your neural pathway to change vibrations to a higher, lighter frequency.


Group Activities :

Hot Springs - Learn how your thoughts vibrate throughout your body. This is the beginning lesson to understanding how your body communicates to you and how your thoughts change the “weight” of your body.


Mayan Meditation - Our Mayan Healer will teach you how to open your physical body through Mayan movements to “ground” your body. She finishes with a quiet meditation using breath work and mindfulness.


Body Feedback Loop - Jennifer will teach you how your body communicates to you. Your body is in constant communication guiding you to your “highest level of choices.” Most people have numbed this connection throughout youth. You will learn how to “awaken” this connection so you are guided to your highest truth in any situation.


Guided Meditation - Jennifer will be taking you on a journey to processing your transformational growth. She will allow you to feel the “oneness” and universal connection in this unique experience. She uses Music, Hands-on Healing and Visualization.


Art Remedy -  A soulful activity that taps into your Sacral Chakra. Our team walks you through step by step practice.

 We encourage each individual to open up there creative side with using a form of art meditation that is provided with supplies at the Casa.



"You could feel the power of the energy when we stepped foot in SMdA. But what made it more magical was the beautiful souls of Jennifer and Aleyna, who made sure that the experience we had there was nothing short of amazing. I came away with a deeper understanding of my own power and how to move into the future embracing the changes that I needed to make."


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