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This year, on September 22nd at 6:03 PM PDT we have the moment of the Autumnal Equinox! We are turning the corner from Summer to Fall, in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s time for ceremony.

We are celebrating the seasonal change, and beginning the second half of the Solar Year. We have equal day and night hours on this date. It is marked by the Sun entering the sign of Libra, a Cardinal Air Sign. Cardinal as it begins the Autumn season, and with it comes the opportunity to begin anew. The first month of every season is Cardinal, bringing us new options, new ideas and new ways to communicate with each other. Libra is an Air Sign, one of intelligence, using their contemplation and analytical abilities to sort out life. Libra wants to give everyone a voice when leading a group. Libra is active/male in its polarity, but gentle and compromising energy. This makes it hard for the Libran energy to find its leadership opportunities, as it is its nature to seek all sides and at times, take no sides.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, along with Taurus. The arts, music, harmony and beauty are very important to Librans. Venus is the planet of love and attraction, affection, and values. Due to the active/male energy governing Libra, the feminine energy brought by Venus accentuates the balance of the sign: Male/Female. Again, astrologers believe another planet will be discovered that is the true rulership of Libra. Time will tell.

The symbol for Libra is the Scales of Justice. Libra energy denotes fairness, justice, and balance. It also is read as a half setting sun below the horizon, thus the first half of the year culminating and the second begun. Balance, equality, harmony and peace are necessary for a happy Libran. The highest use for a Libran is to seek balance in their life. To find balance in work/play, social/alone time, material and spiritual pursuits. To learn to make choices built on personal conviction rather than always trying to make someone else happy. To find their voice and work honestly toward harmony in all environments.

This year, the planet Mercury is conjunct the Sun at 0 degrees Libra, Retrograde. This bolsters up the mental ingenuity of this Equinox. When Mercury is Retrograde, we may have a logjam in our plans, misunderstandings with others that need to be looked at. With this planet and the Sun joined together, we can plan on needing to reexamine our choices, plans and actions in order to fully begin correctly and not spin our wheels. Take time to do this and you will be more successful.

We begin the new season with the Moon in Leo, setting the season up for creativity. Emotionally we will be rewarded when we use our imagination and generate beauty in our surroundings. We are blessed with beauty and fragrance to bring into our homes, and adding color to our environment assists us in keeping optimistic and hopeful in these difficult times.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus at 22 degrees Virgo all trine Pluto stationed at 26 degrees Capricorn. With these fortunate aspects you will have a deep belief in your own power and your ability to survive any change, and to emerge victoriously from any difficulty. Your mind is driven to study subjects that are mysterious, anything secret or hidden, and may be drawn to esoteric or occult studies. You’ll feel love deeply, passionately and wholeheartedly, and others may find your intensity either extremely attractive or threatening. Use this energy positively, don’t find yourself manipulating others.

So to truly celebrate the moment of this new season, it is customary to set up a ritual. I suggest going outdoors and setting up a medicine wheel. This can be a physical sacred hoop made with stones, bundles of sacred herbs, whatever natural ingredients you choose. Or, it can be a work of art on a canvas. This wheel represents the four directions and coincides with the four seasons. As you create this wheel, consider the Solar Year beginning with Aries in the East, Cancer in the South, Libra in the West, and Capricorn in the North. As you move through the wheel, begin your journey in the East and review what this new year has taught you, seeing it through the eyes of a child. Move to the South and look through the eyes of your youth. As you enter the West, you are seeing life through the eyes of your adult self. It is now time to imagine yourself making mature choices built upon the insights you’ve gained in getting here. Feel the shower of cosmic energy imbuing you with patience and compassion. Then, finish your journey through the Sacred Hoop with loving gratitude in the North, for the wisdom gained through a life well lived. Close the ceremony and seal it with love and hope for the second half of our Solar Year to bring us into harmony with each other and our world. Blessings to all of humanity now and always.

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This year the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces occurs on September 10th at 2:58 AM PDT. The Sun in Virgo, and Moon in Pisces oppose each other at 17 degrees 41 minutes. This time of year is celebrated as the harvest for obvious reasons, but let’s take a deeper look at how we can celebrate the abundance our planet gives us.

First, we are looking at the culmination of hopes, wishes and DREAMS we set into motion when the New Moon in Pisces occurred March 2nd of this year. Roughly 6 months ago we looked at the balance or lack of it between these two signs, and now we see the results of our actions.

Pisces is a Mutable Water Sign. Mutable as it is the final month of the Winter Season, with qualities of the season it leads us into.

The ice is melting and breaking and the month shows signs of Spring coming. It is the last Water Sign of the Zodiac, making it very sensitive, compassionate and focused on faith. It inspires a profound outlook on life, from the inside out. This sign’s glyph is two fish swimming in different directions, showing the dual nature of the sign; either a creative and spiritually centered nature, or a need to escape from reality. Neptune rules Pisces and is feminine/passive energy. This is the planet that shows us the low road or the high road in life, and which path we choose to take.

With the Sun in Virgo, we are driven to seek order, look after our physical health, question everything looking for answers and solutions. Virgo, an Earth Sign, stays grounded in physical reality, while the Pisces Moon searches the heavens for clues to their spiritual reality. What did you set for your goal on the New Moon in Pisces? Was it to bring about changes in your world? Or to set spiritual ambitions as in learning meditation, channeling, creative writings?

The Virgo/Pisces axis relates to our material world and our spiritual world. These two signs are motivated to assist those in need. We seek balance now between these two. While the Sun encourages us to “clean up our act”, the Moon begs for our consciousness to grow and thrive.

On this Harvest Full Moon, the planet Neptune is conjoined with the Moon at 24 degrees Pisces. This is quite an event as Neptune rules Pisces, so we have a double dose of Spirit. The veil is thin between us and “All That Is”, and at this time we can truly seek guidance from the energies that usher us through our lives. Have you found your guiding light? It is a wonderful time to dive deep into meditation/contemplation on who you are and why you are here. We are not just physical beings, but are much much more.

Both the Sun and Moon are favorably aspected by Uranus at 18 degrees Taurus. With the trine to the Sun the unusual and unorthodox will appeal to you; you crave freedom, adventure, excitement and discovery, and are not afraid of change. With the sextile to the Moon rather than overly emotional, you’ll be spontaneous and may do something unexpected or funny in order to loosen others up. Change is inevitable, but with these aspects it is welcomed. Taking back your power can come through spiritual insights you gain at this time.

One difficulty can come through a T-Square between the Sun in Virgo, the Moon in Pisces, and Mars at 11 degrees Gemini. The square to the Sun inspires a direct approach, possibly leading to aggressiveness or being combative. You can feel restless, impatient and sometimes reckless. The square to the Moon makes for temperamental responses if your desires are frustrated. Since Mars deals with our physical bodies we must be cautious. The relief for this T-Square comes from Mars in Gemini. We can think ourselves out of these feelings, we can use our intellect to discover what needs addressing in order to calm the waters. Where Virgo and Pisces are looking at how to help others, Mars brings us back to how to help ourselves.

Also, with Mercury Retrograde from September 9th through October 2nd, this requires patience and a deeper look at all that has happened since the New Moon in Pisces. Remember, the Full Moon is a time of completion of what was set in motion last March. It is my hope that much has been realized, understood, and assimilated into our personalities that make us better people. Look at the results of what was set in motion and whether or not you achieved your dreams. After all, Pisces is the sign of our higher nature, our subconscious and our infinite connection with Spirit. It is truly a time to see what your dreams have brought into your life. Be all that you can be!

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On August 27th at 1:17 AM PDT, the Sun and Moon are joined at 4 degrees Virgo 4 minutes. Here we are setting our intentions for what we are creating, which will culminate on the Full Moon in Virgo March 7th, 2023. When we are bathed in this energy, we set our intentions according to this influence.

Virgo is a Mutable Earth Sign. It is signaling the last month of Summer, crops are finishing their life cycle and fully abundant, and hopefully your cheeks are sunkist! It is a glorious time of year with hints of Autumn in the air. It is an Earth Sign, grounded, practical and dedicated to doing a good job. No matter what the job may be, Virgo’s are perfectionists, and details matter. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, along with Gemini until another planet is found in our system.

Mercury is the messenger, ruling the mind and intellect, and Virgo’s tend to be dedicated to service and caring for Earth’s beings. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin. Virgin’s are pure and right; and Virgo’s strive to be just that. The symbol also encompasses fertility and the process one must undertake to bear fruit, in the field and at home.

So the wisest objective at this time of our creation, is to see what a double hit of Virgo can bring us. It has to do with all that this sign rules; our health, our work, service to others, our habits and cleanliness, how organized we are. We know when we set a New Moon goal, it will marinate in our mind over time and bring results through the actions we take. The six months it takes from New Moon to Full Moon, in the same sign, informs us we can breathe, think clearly and make a plan. Look around you, what needs to be done, something you may have been putting off but would feel great to have it behind you? Any mental busywork, or cleaning out a room and reorganizing the closet, or tidying up the garden at the end of the season are healthy Virgoan goals.

One issue can be an exact square to the Sun and Moon from Mars at 4 degrees Gemini. This abundance of mental download can make one irritable, aggressive and impatient. You must watch what you say and do to others at this time.

The good news is this nervous energy can get you involved and stop putting off what needs attention. Just remember to speak to others how you wish to be spoken to.

The second issue is a T-Square between Venus in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. These fixed signs are stubborn and dug in. The relief here comes from Uranus in Taurus. Changes need to happen in our world, and these changes begin at home. There may be surprising money issues that force us to see life differently, or scarcity where there once was abundance. Not only the world needs to change, but our lives in the midst of it. If you prepare for any shortcomings you won’t be as affected by what comes your way.

We have an opportunity to consider what direction we are being pulled in. How can we improve ourselves and our surroundings in order to be a better person in the world? One thing to resist at this time is making excuses due to low self esteem. This critical sign (Virgo) can be a downer if you nitpick and tear apart any sense of goodness. Set doable goals for yourself and those you care about, and slow but sure implement them into your lives. Take an initiative that improves your health and well being, work on projects that bring you joy, and follow the Golden Rule. You will be better for it and those lives you touch will be too!

Thanks to this beautiful goddess, Judy Crescenzo for always sharing her wisdom and magic with us! For a private reading please email her :



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