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New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse 10/14/23

At 10:55 AM PDT the Sun and Moon are conjunct each other at 21 degrees Libra 8 minutes. The New Moon in Libra is here to help us with balance in our relationships among other things. As with each New Moon, get ready to set some goals for yourself.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, and with all Cardinal signs, it is leading the way into the next season; Autumn. We‘ve reached the halfway point between spring and winter, with the Autumnal Equinox now behind us. There is equal day to equal night hours, and likewise, Libra is all about equality and balance. This Air sign is very intellectual, intelligent, and can be somewhat passive as Cardinal signs go. That is because this sign hinges on fairness, balance and equality for all. The ruling planet for Libra is Venus, like Taurus, and beauty, the arts, music and harmony are center stage. It can be a time to set many goals, in many areas of your life.

To begin with, relationships. Libra is the sign of partnership and all that comes with it. Great place to learn lessons, eh? It’s time to take a long look at how things are going in this department of life and see what needs attention. You know what they say about goals; you set it, you get it. We were all reminded with the Full Moon in Aries days ago, that we are individuals but also part of the whole. Well now we are looking more at the whole of ourselves, the family, friends and groups we belong to and what our shared reality is or possibly isn’t. Where do you still stand alone here? Well, that is the turf to study and make plans for the future. It is important to have your own opinions but this sign wants you to comb over the issues that keep you from unconditionally loving others while respecting their own values.

And how do you feel about yourself as a creative person? You are being ushered into a new refreshing possibility of seeing yourself differently, possibly by exploring this area of your life and committing to expanding. We are all good at something creative, from cooking, decorating, gardening, painting, writing, playing instruments or singing, the list goes on and on. Why not consider freeing yourself from old beliefs about yourself being limited and learn new creative skills? Great time to do so.

On the same day we have an Annular Solar Eclipse. “An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly between the Earth and Sun, but does not completely cover the Sun's disk. Instead, it covers most of the Sun, leaving its outer edge visible as a bright ring or “annulus” around the darkened Moon.” Astrologically speaking, they indicate change and can be considered harbingers of trouble for some, depending on where they land in one’s chart. This New Moon and Eclipse has some interesting aspects to it: a Yod from the planet Uranus and Neptune. This can teach us even more.

Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces (Earth and Water Signs) have a harmonious relationship (sextile), while the Sun and Moon in Libra relate very differently (quincunx or inconjunct). The Yod inspires us to engage in the differences and come to new conclusions. They draw our attention away from the now and toward the freedom of our uniqueness (Uranus) and the transcendent connection that we can experience with All That Is (Neptune). If we become aware of ourselves as unique individuals, and get in touch with that part of us which is a pure manifestation of All That Is, we can have a clear sense of who we are and the unique contributions we can make to the world while also being aware of our place in the big picture at the same time. Quite a revelation.

So on this day it is time to do ceremony and bring in the energies to assist you in “becoming.” Just who do you want to become in this world? How do you wish to be remembered? Look at what’s around you for answers. Who and what are you attracted to and what will you do about it? If you set up your altar with beauty, scent, relics; all things that inspire you to be your best in this life, and set your goals. you may have a surprise come your way.

🙏💫Thank you Judy Crescenzo

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Welcome to the last Super Full Moon of the year! It holds the energy to help us "harvest" our desires by using the super (close to earth) Full Moon to illuminate what no longer fits in our lives and that which keeps us blocked from manifesting our desires!

A Full Moon is a reminder that we have the power to transform our lives by using the illuminate light of the Full Moon. It gives us the opportunity to see what shadows lie in our own personal darkness. When the bright light of a Full Moon shines down on us it's like a "spot light" to help us see our blocks and the way we might be sabotaging our growth! The only needed tool by you is your ability and openness to see the truth in your life.

Here is an affective and fun Ritual to help you unlock, see and clear what is weighing your spirit down!

Many blessing are heading your way!

💓 Jennifer

Harvest Super Full Moon

Aries/Sacral Ritual

Element - Fire

Candle color - Red and/or Orange

Aries/Sacral Crystals and Stones:







Aries/Sacral Essential Oils, Herbs and Plants:










Traits to release to Aries/Sacral Full Moon:

Impatience, short temper, aggressive nature, impulsiveness, fear of change, acne and headaches

Habits/Dis-eases to release:

Sexual addiction and dysfunctions, eating disorders, reproductive disorders, lacking connection to your “gut feeling”, stifled creativity, disconnected to your emotions, urinary infections and bipolar disorder

In this sign that is connected to Aries’s courage, determination and confident combines with our Sacral’s energy connection to our sexuality, creativity and passion, it provides a powerful time of letting go of any sexual abuse, rape, shame and guilt around sex and your sexuality.

The Sacral Energy Point in our body that houses our:

*Sexuality ~ intimacy

*Passion ~ inspiration

*Creativity ~ cultivating our “dream life”

Questions to ask yourself before determining what would be most beneficial for you in using this Aries full moon for letting go:

-Is there anything blocking you from creating the future you desire?

(annoyance, resentments, carelessness…)

-How do you feel in sexual situations?

(confident, intimate or fear, embarrassment, remorse…)

-Do you feel excited and passion for your daily life?

(happiness, connection or depressed, no drive…)

You don’t have to stick to one topic in the energy point. But the more focused you are, the stronger your intention is and the quicker it will disappear and create space for an opening to “plant new seeds” on the next new moon in fourteen days.

Aries/Sacral Full Moon Affirmation:

“I am feeling so open, light, free and vibrant in _________________ area of my life with ease.”

Full Moon Aries Ritual:

*Candle - Red and/or Orange

Red - Negative blocks ~ release anger, negative sexual energy, guilt, impatience,

Orange- To open and heal your sacral chakra; to open your passion, creativity, growth, sexual magnetism)

Choose which candle color suits your release. You can burn both, don’t feel like you can only choose one. For example if I was releasing old emotions and fears around being sexually abused and I was also experience a disconnect to my passion towards creating my dreams in my career I would burn both candles. If I was feeling impatient with my life, work was slow, felt disconnected to passion and my creativity, I’d burn the red candle only.

*Single Piece of paper (not connected to your journal) and a pen

*Matches, preferred but a lighter will do

*Bowl of water (for safety if you don't have a fireplace)

*Stones and Crystals for Aries and the Sacral energy point

*Essential oils, herbs and plant for Aries and Sacral energy point             (optional)

Simplistic Ritual ~

Take your candle(s), Paper/pen/matches and bowl of water if there is no fireplace or fire pit. On your piece of paper write 2 traits, habits, negative emotions you're asking to release (6 total if needed). Close your eyes, hold the paper and candle(s) on your lower stomach and visualize your life WITHOUT these blocks. Allow these positive feelings to flow through your physical body (don’t worry if you cant feel a difference, but imagine what it would or could feel like). I like to add music that inspires me to deepen my physical connection. When you feel like you have connected to your life in a positive way you then take the paper and candle and get your matches or lighter and burn your paper to release these negative feels and blocks. Use the bowl of water to exstwish the paper or put it in the fireplace to burn out. Hold your candle(s) and feel the lightness in your body, light your candle(s) and allow them to burn out to the end. *If you used the bowl of water to exstigush your paper, take it outside and water your plants with the paper and water.

Have fun, play and KNOW that you have cleared the shadow and the blocks from this Ritual! ⚡️

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On September 22 at 11:50 PM PDT the Sun enters the sign of Libra, marking the first moment of Autumn. We all have been experiencing weather changes, moving from the heat of Summer to the cooler days and nights of Fall. This is typical for the last month of the season, while the Sun is in Virgo. But this change will be more committed, the season of Fall will be established and anchored in.

This is the time of the harvest, when the Summer crops are ending. We gather nourishment to strengthen our bodies and souls. Libra’s ruler is Venus, and love, harmony and peace can be ours. No matter what is happening outside of us, we are given a blank slate to recreate the next season as we see fit, and follow our plan into Winter.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign. Cardinal signs begin the season and like the beginning of a season, this is a leadership sign. But different from other Cardinal signs, Libra wants to give everyone a voice when leading a group. Libra is active/male in its polarity, but gentle and compromising energy. This makes it hard for the Libran energy to find its leadership opportunities, as it is its nature to seek all sides and at times, take no sides. Being an Air sign, Libra is intellectual and psychological. It is a social energy, bent on the more the merrier. But Librans seek balance through isolation at times, to recharge and rethink. They are so mental and fair; at times they go around in circles trying to make a decision. This can be overcome through discipline and courage.

On this Equinox the Moon squares the Sun at 6 degrees Capricorn. This begins the season on an emotional note, as you may feel that you are at cross purposes with yourself; for your conscious intentions and desires conflict with your subconscious emotional needs and drives. You are pulled in two different directions. You can have difficulty satisfying both your need to be an individual and your need for caring relationships and a sense of belonging. Also, you may send out mixed messages so people won't always know how to respond to you or know what you really want, thus creating confusion or conflict in close relationships. The give and take, the Yin and Yang within us can come into question, so this is a good time for deep meditations.

Neptune at 26 degrees Pisces retrograde opposes the Sun in Libra. This makes one extremely sensitive and imaginative, and you can get lost in your dreams, fantasies, and visions. Spending your time doing artistic and creative pursuits, and exploring the world of color, beauty, and emotion will be very satisfying. You also can be drawn to mysticism and have deeply spiritual moments.

And Pluto trines the Sun at 27 degrees Capricorn retrograde. This is wonderful, as this aspect bestows a deep belief in your own power and your ability to survive any change and to emerge victoriously from any difficulty. Remember, you have tremendous inner resources and strength. You can pursue your desires and goals with complete dedication and singleness of purpose now.

This time of year we think of family, gatherings, loved ones. We want to share our experiences and knowledge with those we care about, and these aspects to the Sun will assist us in finding ourselves in the groups we belong to, while keeping true to our individual self. Celebrate this Equinox with heartfelt gratitude for all that you are, and all you are still discovering you are.

Libra is ruled by Venus, along with Taurus. The arts, music, harmony and beauty are very important to Librans. Venus is the planet of love and attraction, affection, and values. Due to the active/male energy governing Libra, the feminine energy brought by Venus accentuates the balance of the sign: Male/Female. Again, astrologers believe another planet will be discovered that is the true rulership of Libra. Time will tell.

The symbol for Libra is the Scales of Justice. Libra energy denotes fairness, justice, and balance. It also is read as a half setting sun below the horizon, thus the first half of the year culminating and the second begun. Balance, equality, harmony and peace are necessary for a happy Libran.

The highest use for a Libran is to seek balance in their life. To find balance in work/play, social/alone time, material and spiritual pursuits. To learn to make choices built on personal conviction rather than always trying to make someone else happy. To find their voice and work honestly toward harmony in all environments.

Thank you Judy! 🙏

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