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On February 5th at 10:28 AM PST the Moon is full in the sign of Leo. This is a culmination of all the hopes and wishes cast on the New Moon in Leo back on July 28, 2022. That was a time where Summer was strong and creativity was potentially peaking! Now we look back at what we dreamed of doing, what we possibly wanted to manifest in our lives dealing with our loved ones and how we support them through their own becoming. We were encouraged to see ourselves as creators in our life, and find our own power, talents, and strength.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the luminary that supports our solar system. Leo the lion is the king of the jungle, and likewise Leo rules their domain. The energy is strong, regal, with a sense of authority, usually well deserved. Or so they think. Leos are the heart of the zodiac, and can be very loving and generous. Leo is the second fixed sign of the zodiac, being the second month of the summer season. It is when it‘s hot, really summer, solid and sure. It‘s when you want to plant yourself in a lawn chair with a cool drink and just sit. But when this Sun sign is ruling the Full Moon, it lends itself to all things emotional, what we’re sensitive to, what we want for security. In this sign, rather than lean on others, we look to ourselves to become who we were born to be.

Have you followed the path set up for yourself back in July? At that time the Sun was strong, giving us the energy needed to accomplish our goals. But now in the middle of Winter, we can imagine this energy when sitting by the fireplace, or a bonfire, warming ourselves through the Dreamtime of Winter. We can focus on our own creative potentials, improving them through reading, studying and practicing our crafts. Living with the seasons in the most productive way to our goals. We have some planetary influences helping us along.

Every Full Moon we have the Sun and Moon in opposition. This time the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Leo. Two fixed signs, strong in their own ways. Aquarius is all about our friends, groups we belong to, and common beliefs and/or purpose where teamwork is required. It is a sign of the individual within a group. Leo is more about the self and growth as an individual. So these areas of our lives are under the magnifier asking us to balance these opposites. On this occasion, the planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus creates a T-Square between the two. With every T-Square, two planets or luminaries are opposite each other, then a third one forms a 90-degree square with both of these luminaries or planets. If you look at an astrological chart that involves this aspect, you can see how it appears like a T when this takes place, giving it its name. The planet that is at the bottom of the T, in this case Uranus, shows the way to work with these fixed energies. Uranus inspires excitement, change, and discovery, and cannot tolerate a routine or lifestyle that offers little in the way of surprise or challenge. Excitable, spontaneous, and enthusiastic about anything new, you may be perceived by others as being too impulsive, especially in personal relationships at this time. It won’t be easy for you to make or keep commitments, since you don't know how you will be feeling from one moment to the next. Emotional freedom is key now. Your domestic life can be very unstable now due to these transits, but your focus will be in the right place thanks to Uranus. Keep in mind you sit on the throne of power in your life, and keep an open and flexible mind.

The Sun and Moon have favorable aspects to Mars in Gemini. This planet that rules our physical energy brings us positive, vital, active energy. In the sign of Gemini we wish to communicate our deepest feelings and do something about them. We can deep dive into our thoughts and consider clearly the direction to follow in order to be most fulfilled. And, as of February 11th, Mercury moves into the sign of Aquarius, broadening our horizons with the help of this Air Sign. Our mind and communications will take a profound turn from

Capricorn to Aquarius, helping us to elevate our thinking into a more humanitarian and purposeful direction. We can use all of these powers to help us on our path to enlightenment and our fullest potential. Take the initiative to clear the past and take the less beaten path to success.

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We have a New Moon on January 21st, at 12:53 PM PST. The Sun and Moon share 1 degree Aquarius 33 minutes. It's a new opportunity to begin something fresh in our life, be it a journey to wellbeing or a new study. Aquarius, the Water Bearer of the zodiac, is a Fixed Air Sign of high humidity. This means it lands in the second month of Winter (fixed), and is a sign of high intellect with a heart:) Air.

Aquarius is the sign of the professor, one who learns and loves to share what they know. It is a caring sign, a great humanitarian energy, and lands during a period where we need this most. It is ruled by the planet Uranus, the activator as planets go. It is such a restless energy that it seeks our rigidity and frustrated energy and shakes it out of its complacency. Without Uranus rattling our cage now and then we would settle into destructive and limiting patterns. This influence brings about a unique way of seeing life, and an eccentricity that allows one to push past the barriers of normalcy.

This New Moon encourages us to set aside time to contemplate, consider and review what we think we know. We can open our minds more easily now and see things more clearly. Aquarius energy is detached, objective and impersonal, allowing us to study a situation rather than get lost in it. Freedom is the most important thing to an Aquarian, and they care about friends and others as much as family. Jealousy and possessiveness have no place here.

Under this influence the goals we set, we shall get when the Moon is Full in Aquarius on August 1st. That is, if we do what it takes to manifest our goal. It could be as simple as, “I wish to open my mind to accept more wisdom without judgment”, to as big as, “I surrender to the knowing I am here to do ____, and I am beginning my serious investigation of what that will take.” When we create a plan, using the energy that supports a certain part of life, we work with the cycles and they work for us! Intention is the name of the game here. So when creating with this New Moon, let it include the Aquarian effect; the intellect, compassion, friendship, humanitarian acts, philosophy, groups/organizations. It is a time for equality for all through humanitarian efforts. To see the world as our family and work toward its highest manifestation.

On this occasion the Sun and Moon are sextile Jupiter at 4 degrees Aries. This blend brings optimism, tolerance, generosity from the heart. We can approach issues with wider eyes, and keep our emotions clearly supporting the truth. A little give and take. But at the same time, the Sun and Moon are conjunct Pluto stationed at 28 degrees Capricorn. This combo can dredge up compelling feelings and desires that need to be addressed. Your emotions are very intense, but often hidden with this conjunction. Like a volcano, one minute you seem quite peaceful and the next you are exploding with great force and unexpected fury. Sometimes this explosive energy can relieve a lot of pressure, if it’s handled right.

This is a very high minded New Moon, she wants you free from limitation and fear. Clear the cobwebs in your emotions now and set an elevated plan that you can follow through with. Not like those “New Year's Resolutions” we’ve all tried, but a true and honest promise to yourself. Say to yourself, if I set it, I get it!

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A new calendar year is upon us with many making New Year's resolutions; hopes and wishes for the future. The Full Moon is in Cancer on January 6th at 3:08 PM PST. As with all Full Moons the emotions will run high, and this one will be no different. This is the culmination of choices, plans set when the Moon was new in this sign, back on June 28th, 2022. One week into the Summer season, what were your goals and objectives?

Cancer is the sign that is ruled by the Moon; a Cardinal Water Sign. It is the sign of the Mother, home and family, and our emotions. This sensitive sign is all about nurturing and caring for those we love. Now with the Full Moon, we see how our family is doing with the intentions we set back in June. Our relationships are built on communication; whether or not we can say what we mean and mean what we say. Cancer, being the sign of the Mother, can be a strict disciplinarian with the hope of setting her children on a straight path. I look at the Moon as a guiding light in the darkness, showing us the way through the shadows. This energy works internally, from the inside out; so having our best intentions for all of humanity serves ourselves and our families.

We look out into the world and see how important the family unit is, whether it be blood relations or close friends. We are here to take care of each other, to share what we have with a giving nature. This also goes for animals, our Earth and “All That Is”. Now is a time to feel a closeness with the people of the world and to open our hearts to remember we all have Mothers that gave us a chance to meet our highest goals on this SchoolHouse planet. We are set up to meet our biggest challenges, to overcome our fears, and to be the best people we can be.

We have some luminaries and planets to help us into this new year. To begin with, our Moon is opposite Mercury Retrograde, stationed at 17 degrees Capricorn. You won’t be interested in subjects that are wholly abstract or technical now. There must be a personal, human element to evoke your interest. Your interest now is people and their inner motivations. This sets us up to review the past and be full of ideas on how to improve the present. The goal is not to have tunnel vision with this, but to practically and purposefully analyze and evaluate our actions and see if we acted appropriately. Fear has been abundantly revealed to us, whether it be about how we’ve dealt with Covid, or whether we agree with others about the truth. Now with new information we can be most objective.

The Moon is sextile Uranus at 15 degrees Taurus. This fortunate aspect brings an open mind to change. It helps us to let go of limiting factors in our life, ones that keep us

separate from living our truth. Freedom becomes the priority. It seems those in power want to confuse us to the point of not taking a stand, not knowing what to believe. This union cuts through the lies and brings us back to our true heart’s knowing.

The Sun in Capricorn is conjoined to Mercury Retrograde at this time. This union can bring a subjective feeling, and you will be quick to feel you’ve been hurt or misunderstood along the way. Time to let go, forget/forgive the past and move on. The Sun is also Trine Uranus at 15 degrees Taurus, opening up the possibilities. We are to learn from the past, not wallow in it. Take responsibility for your part in any and all actions that were taken, and forgive yourself for your lack of understanding. Move on;)

While celebrating this Full Moon, allow yourself to cry if needed, apologize if needed, and to open yourself up to a lighter version of yourself. Feel the unity of all beings here together in this wondrous land, and create the best life for you and those you love. It all begins with new choices.

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