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Full Moon in Leo 2022

On February 16th, 2022 the Full Moon moment is at 8:56 AM PST. The Sun and Moon oppose each other; the Moon stationed at 27 degrees Leo 59 minutes, and the Sun at 27 degrees Aquarius 59 minutes. At this point in the Moon’s cycle, our emotions are heightened and we are pushed into action. With the Moon in the sign of Leo, there’s no better sign to show how WE are feeling, what we want to show the world and those around us.

Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign. It lands in the second month of Summer, and is very strong, determined and regal energy. There is a sense of authority, as Leo is the king of the jungle. The Fire element lends a drama to this sign and an unencumbered creativity. Full of fury and initiative, Leo’s energy is ardent in love, with uninhibited behavior at its best! At its worst, Leo energy can be fickle, selfish and touchy. Ruled by the Sun, the center and source of our solar system, this is the demeanor of a Leo. They are the center of their universe, and with this seat comes the entitlement of authority and kingly duties. This sign helps the individual shine bright like the Sun in everything they do. The highest use of this energy is to be a performer on life’s stage. To inspire and uplift through talents; to shine and be an example of what others can accomplish. To be generous with power and give willingly without strings attached.

With the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in the sign of Aquarius, we have had our attention directed at the groups we belong to, friends we associate with, and others in general. We have a brief respite with this Full Moon, as our attention is refocused on ourselves. How are we performing? Are we hiding in the dark or coming out to show the world how we feel? At this time we have permission to dive deeply into our own creative talents, and show off a bit;) How often do you let yourself shine, take center stage, and feel wonderful about life? Now is the time.

The Full Moon in Leo is inconjunct Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn. This aspect calls for adjustment, and Pluto calls for psychological transformation. The Moon is the reservoir of all things emotional like habits, feelings, instincts. Here we are being asked to rethink what attachments we have to our comforts of all kinds and to let go. But, this is a stubborn moon sign, so it can get a little rough if we hold on too tight.

As the Moon is stationed alone, with most of the planets moving opposite it together in the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, it is part of a Grand Fixed Cross aspect. This includes the Sun (in Aquarius), Moon (in Leo), North and South Nodes of the Moon (in Taurus and Scorpio). The challenge is set for us to look at where we may fear wh, at comes next, are uncomfortable to look in new directions, or stick with our creature comforts. The Grand Cross is like a pinwheel, and it gathers momentum when faced in the correct direction, the air takes care of that. Allow the feeling of movement to pick you up and lift you to new heights of surrendering to your highest version.

At this time Venus and Mars are conjunct each other at 16 degrees Capricorn. This is Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine, negative and positive polarities. When joined together, we have full access to our balanced self. And in the sign of Capricorn, the inspiration is there for leadership, taking the initiative, while having the followthrough in place. No judgment through balance. This is the time to set a goal for your creation, whatever it may be. Build upon the ideal, through planning and organizing. Seize this moment of equilibrium and feel empowered.

On this occasion we have the reminder that we are here as individuals to shine in our own right, and to know we have choices to make in order to shine brightly. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel, beckoning us to see our way through the darkness and come out the other side. Freedom comes in the light, and with this Lunar occasion ruled by the Sun (Leo), we have the strength, creativity and fortitude to see it through.

Judy Crescenzo

(for a private reading with Judy, please email)


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