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Two Full Moons in October 2020

Generally we see a Full Moon and a New Moon in a month’s time. But this month, we will see two Full Moons, with the second called the “Blue Moon.” Just what does that mean? You’ve heard the saying, “once in a Blue Moon” haven’t you? It refers to something happening very rarely, and in keeping with that, we see a second Full Moon in one month very rarely; about every 32 months.

In the month of October, we have a Full Moon on October 1st at 2:06 PM, PDT in the sign of Aries; stationed at 9 degrees 8 minutes. This Moon is in a Fire Sign, full of energy, initiative and power. Knowing the Full Moon indicates the culmination of what was begun on the New Moon, we are ready to “harvest” all the seeds sown then. This Moon, in fact, is called the “Harvest Moon” as it is the first Full Moon following the Equinox. Whether or not you have a garden to harvest, a project coming to completion, or an initiative you began with the New Moon, look at this time to gather and sort your creation, and use Aries energy and courage to finish your project(s) and make way for the next.

We know that a Full Moon can exaggerate, overwhelm and create havoc for some. But look out when this Full Moon in Aries gets going; Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars is the planet of war and can create strife, friction and arguments on this day especially. So in order to give positive power to your life during this time, doing something with passion, enthusiasm and spirit is a great outlet. You cannot deter this energy or it becomes explosive; use it to the fullest extent. Mars is male and active and this force and vitality shouldn’t be wasted on anger and frustration. Pull out all the stops and get busy.

Then, on October 31st we have the 2nd Full Moon in Taurus; just in time for Halloween! This Moon is in the sign of Taurus, stationed at 8 degrees 38 minutes, at 7:51 AM, PDT. And, this is the last day of Daylight Savings Time for this year. This is a very different Full Moon in the fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. This sign is solid, grounded and anchored in its energy, and the problem here can be stubbornness. It is a sign that loves sensory pleasures, beauty in all forms and harmony.

This Full Moon in Taurus will be following the New Moon in Libra, and with the planet Venus leading the way, balance will be key. Both Taurus and Libra have Venus as their rulership, making this month an inspiration to beautify our lives. Venus is feminine and passive in nature, very different from Mars and the Moon in Aries. On this day our imagination is lit with ideas and plans to soften our view of life, to welcome relationships with an open heart and be motivated to create harmony. Just don’t let the Libra energy make you want to please others so much you forget yourself in the mix. This could lead to resentments and grudge holding, which Taurus can be great at. The balance of me and you, them and us, ours and theirs is important now and always.

So, how do we celebrate this duo of Full Moons? Look to the Full Moon in Aries as the harvest of the Summer season, and the extra energy needed to put those creations began in Summer, to bed. “​For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven”. The greatest way to celebrate this day is in sharing your “harvest” and all you have gained through the Summer season. Then on to the “Blue Moon” of Halloween! Such a perfect occasion to have a Full Moon. And with the celebration of Samhain in the Gaelic tradition beginning on October 31 and ending on November 1st, it ends the harvest season and begins the darker half of the year. This is when we honor the dead, and it refers to the saints celebrated on All Saints' Day, which is November 1 So, Halloween is just an old-fashioned way of saying "the night before All Saints' Day" — also called Hallowmas or All Hallows' Day.

The children will be out in costume, gathering candy and enjoying their booty for days to come. But for the adults, it’s also time to celebrate the occasion with the fullness of the Autumn season in full aray. Decorate your home, beautify your life and commemorate the holiday with treats and artistry. Time to light the bonfire and have a festive gathering. That will be easy with the Taurus Full Moon, as the inspiration is there.

This will be an especially potent month for us all; let's enjoy the season and the creativity that comes with it!

Judy Crescenzo

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