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The Vernal Equinox 2022

In the year 2022, Spring arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on Sunday March 20th, at 8:32 AM PST. Autumn begins in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s celebrate the beginning of another Solar year, and this time, let’s look at it like a new being. As an astrologer, I interpret the Equinox to have it’s own “birth chart” and personality, and as such it’s own potential. I see the chart like an overlay, to compare to my own chart and see what it’s relationships are. This way I can use these potentials wisely;)

To begin with, each and every year the Vernal Equinox occurs when the Sun has finished out the year in Pisces and stations at 0 degrees Aries 0 minutes. We leave a water sign and move into FIRE. This fire ignites us, encouraging strength, courage, honesty and integrity. This sign is ruled by Mars, the active planet of war and risk taking, with no patience for weakness. It is a Cardinal sign, beginning the new season of Spring. This sign draws out of us our determination, authority, and our leadership abilities. This energy can be aggressive and independent, making it difficult to follow when all you want to do is lead, or do it alone. But, each and every year, the planets and Moon are in different locations; creating a different relationship with the Sun. I’m going to break down this year's chart.

The Sun is sextile Pluto stationed at 28 degrees Capricorn. Together they inspire a belief in ourselves, access to deep inner resources, and dedication/determination to see a project through. There is great strength here, but without focus can become compulsive and selfish actions. It’s like lighting a match with these two, can be good or bad depending on our high or low self esteem.

The Moon, (representing our emotional life) in Libra desires harmony and unity, and can overlay our year with a compassionate heart and soul. The idealist in us emerges, wishing to paint the world with beautiful colors and realities that may not exist. But, it motivates us to create beauty and harmony wherever possible. This year's Moon is square Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn. This can be extremely emotional, creating intense desires and feelings. So, my solution would be when getting fired up about any emotional ideal, take a step back and look again. Release the past and begin anew. Use this energy to get moving on things rather than being dramatic.

Mercury, (representing our thinking/communicating) in Pisces lends a dreamy, childlike version of the world to us to block the ugliness. We are given more imagination, intuition, and creative thinking. But, watch out for absent mindedness and daydreaming when there’s work to be done;) Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces pushing us to look at the big picture and seek knowledge from a spiritual perspective. After all, our own perception is what drives our actions, so taking a higher view can assist us in not sweating the small stuff. Mercury is sextile Uranus in Taurus, showing us practical ways to accomplish more than we thought we could. And, Mercury is conjunct Neptune giving us even more access to our creative and intuitive mind. This is the year to excel in your spiritual gifts, and studying metaphysics, science, meditation, mysticism is the perfect way to begin. Remember, we are beginning a new year with new potentials, so use this energy to move forward.

Venus and Mars (our values and actions) are side by side in Aquarius, teaming up to share in a community effort, a social gathering, or a sharing of knowledge with those of like minds. This combo here provides us the desire to help humanity in ways better done in groups rather than alone. They are both squared by Uranus in Taurus. This makes for a craving for emotional excitement, needing to feel free and spontaneous. This nervous energy can make it difficult to slow down once on a “mission”, and can quickly turn to impatience and hasty decision making. Stay in balance.

Jupiter (the benefic teacher) is in Pisces and there’s still more prospects for higher learning. Calling all artists, musicians, creative souls. NOW IS THE TIME! Truly, there is no better time to experiment with different mediums to find your heart's desire! The planets are providing the energy to fly high. Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Pisces; together they bring us to the place of dreams, of inspiration, and abstract realities. Saturn (the taskmaster) stationed at 20 degrees Aquarius reminds us to work through our suspicions regarding groups and associations through knowledge and inquiry. Actions=Power.

So this year's chart shows our new potential. It is about independence, inspiration followed by action, with the ability to see the bigger picture. We have all learned so much about ourselves in the last year and now is the time to do something about it. Where we have felt inadequate, it’s time to study and improve. Where we have felt uninspired, it’s time to get motivated. Not a time for weakness and excuses, find your heart and joy this year; it’s totally up to you. You won’t find it elsewhere, you’ll find it deep in your soul. Pay close attention to the choices you make; you can always change your mind and make another better choice. Be brave and impress yourself!


Judy Crescenzo

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