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The September Full Moon 2021

On September 20th at 4:55 PM PDT, the Sun opposes the Moon. The Sun is at 28 degrees Virgo 14 minutes, and the Moon is stationed at 28 degrees Pisces 14 minutes. We are in preparation for the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd; time to dig deep.

The New Moon in Virgo was a time to begin anew with your goals, after reevaluating and analyzing what needs altering to avoid the obstacles you may have encountered previously. Virgo is a very mental Earth Sign, scrutinizing data in order to find the best way to proceed. The

Full Moon in Pisces will show the results of these efforts, and encourage us to go inward to find the way to move forward most proficiently. As Virgo is very “left brain”; methodical, critical and precise, Pisces is “right brain” oriented. The Pisces Full Moon will light the way through our unconscious and subconscious minds; through our intuition and “inner knowing.”

On this day we are looking at this balance between our conscious and unconscious minds. These two Mutable Signs are very flexible and open to suggestion. After all, we are trying to improve ourselves, and our lives at a time where our freedom comes into question. Our conscious mind is telling us to investigate all we see happening, while our unconscious mind struggles with spirituality versus escapism. Pisces rules not only enlightenment and the ending of a cycle, but also rules escapism, addiction and drifting. Where do you sit in your life? Do you have the courage to KNOW the truth, or are you trying to flee reality? Are you struggling with fear of the unknown, or researching and probing into the darkness? This Mutable axis alerts us to truly look deep inside ourselves for the answers.

The Sun at 28 degrees Virgo is Trine Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn. This blessed aspect brings courage and determination to the mix. Pluto is still on the path of transformation of all of humanity, first destroying what was and bringing in a new reality.

The Moon at 28 degrees Pisces is opposite Mars at 3 degrees Libra. Mars is the planet of Energy and how we use it, and in Libra we are working towards being socially active and in relationships that bring balance to our lives. The Moon is also conjoined to Neptune at 21 degrees Pisces; a very harmonious addition to going into deep meditation and contemplation. It directs our actions to be cooperative.

There is also a T-Square between Venus at 11 degrees Scorpio, Saturn at 7 degrees Aquarius, and Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus. These are all Fixed Signs, stubborn, determined and focused. The T-Square is a pattern created when opposite planets form a square with a third planet, forming the letter ‘T’. The squared point is the focal planet, here Saturn in Aquarius, serving as the referee of the two planets in opposition (Venus and Uranus). These three points can drive us to resolve a situation, or jam up the works. The answer lies in Saturn in Aquarius. This planet in this sign has an innate distrust of groups and/or a cynical attitude toward society that may leave you feeling out of step and unable to participate in activities with your peers. Overcoming a sense of aloofness and alienation from others is an important task for you at this time.

So while reality can appear to be gloom and doom; this combination of planets and luminaries are pushing us to “dig deep” for the answers we need. As in all Full Moons, emotions and feelings will be exaggerated, amplified. There is a lot to sift through here, and truly knowing yourself and your motivations is paramount. This need not be so difficult if we utilize our right and left brains in harmony. Embrace the opposition, and discover what lies beneath your fears. Stop feeding them and take the proper steps to discover what you can do for yourself and others.

This is a perfect time to create a quiet moment for yourself, be it in deep meditation or a walking meditation. Feel the ground beneath your feet, or seat, and call in Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon to inform you of a direction to take in your life. Where are you battling in life, and what do you need to succeed? What is your struggle and how can you overcome it? Surrender to these wise archetypes and ask for guidance. Then follow it to the letter, and don’t look back.

💓Judy Crescenzo

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Photo credi: Farmers almanac

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