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The Second Aquarius Full Moon 8/22, 2021

On August 22nd at 5:02 AM PDT we have our second Aquarius Full Moon. (Read the article on the first Aquarius Full Moon for insights).The Sun is stationed at 29 degrees Leo 37 minutes, and the Moon is at 29 degrees Aquarius 37 minutes. With this energy presenting itself for the second time, we have some loose ends to tie up.

Since the last Full Moon, we cycled through the New Moon in Leo, (Fire sign) quite different from the New Moon in Cancer (Water sign) that preceded the first Full Moon in Aquarius. That New Moon was setting up our family goals, being nurtured and nurturing others, and striving for compassion. This New Moon in Leo we had the opportunity to set our sovereignty over our own life, choices, and creative goals. The chart of the Cancer New Moon was a big trap to shake us out of our doldrums and require us to make changes.

This Full Moon has a very interesting chart. The Moon is joined by Jupiter, stationed at 26 degrees Aquarius, (Air sign). Jupiter lends its energy to expand, enlarge the Moon’s energy. Jupiter in Aquarius is the troubleshooter here, with many “bright ideas” of how to emotionally heal. Aquarius is an innovative sign, and the Moon is all about our emotional selves, so big progress can be made here; especially if we stay detached. Getting lost in emotions can happen on the Full Moon, but this one is more calm and collected, and mental.

With the Sun in its last degree of Leo, this Fire Sign is making a big statement in an aspect called a “Yod.” The planets involved are the Sun in Leo, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, both planets inconjunct the Sun. This aspect to the Sun is termed, “The Finger of God” as it points to the Sun as the fulcrum, the uncomfortable, incompatible energy in question. Neptune says to the Sun, clarity will come when you quiet your ego and listen to your small voice inside. Pluto says to the Sun, get grounded and off your high horse; cool off and start progress. The Sun replies, I wish to become a FULLY REALIZED HUMAN BEING. And so it begins.

With 5 planets retrograde, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, we are encouraged to review. These outer planets are the big chess pieces, and in order to move forward there must first be an exploration, a reconsideration of where we are in our lives and are we headed in the right direction? We are in preparation for the last month of Summer, with the Sun in the Earth sign of Virgo. That will be a different lesson, so with the last of the fiery days of Leo, examine your boundaries. Are you the center and source of your environment?

This Fire sign wants authority in their world, admiration from those in their “pride”, and respect. Have you earned it? Have you looked at your family, friends and others as dependents that you resent, or have you thrived in your creative pursuits and shared it willingly? These clues are to steer you into LETTING GO. Maybe up until now, you haven’t accomplished all that you have wanted to, but don’t beat yourself up for it! Take this moment to change your mind. There are always two sides of a coin, look at both sides of your situation and see where the door leads out. Follow the EXIT sign to the higher thought, brought about by Jupiter in Aquarius. You can find all the answers, as you wish to, through contemplation, meditation, and free yourself.

We are all swimming in the same sea of celestial energies, with the opportunity to upgrade. It takes courage and forgiveness of oneself to move forward. So, no matter what yesterday was about, tomorrow brings freedom and relief to those who look within for answers. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Judy Crescenzo

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