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The Scorpio New Moon 2021

On Thursday November 4th at 2:14 PM PDT, the Sun and Moon align at 12 degrees Scorpio 40 minutes. On Sunday the 7th we are back to Standard Time, and the days grow shorter, and the nights longer.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign; fixed as it lands in the 2nd month of the season of Autumn. Fixed energy lends itself to determination or stubbornness, however you look at it. It is of the water element, bringing much emotion, intuition and receptivity. Scorpio energy by nature is extremely sensitive, but it is often stuck in its own version of emotions. It can be difficult to reason with this energy, so powerful and touchy! But no one protects like a Scorpio, when cornered, as they have a sting you’re not soon to forget. Scorpios tend to learn the hard way, hanging on desperately in order not to be left vulnerable. They can tend to be loners rather than suffer because of others.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, the transformer. Pluto is the reformer, and encourages us to let go of what limits us. Pluto rules the 8th house of the zodiac where we find all things regarding finances we hold with others, inheritance, death and transformation and the occult. Pluto is the God of the Underworld and provokes us to change fundamentally. Typically we make changes due to the “ego death” Pluto brings, and we rise from our own ashes renewed. That is if we have the courage to purge and let go.

So when the Sun and Moon align in this sign, we are set up to look deeply within ourselves for what we need to change in our lives. And in these times of trials and tribulations, there is plenty of fodder to alert us to these changes. We are emotionally lit to react, and we can take the two glyphs for Scorpio as indicators as to how we are using this energy. The first symbol is that of the Scorpion. This deadly predatory arachnid with it’s pincers and stinging tail just looks scary, as it charges its prey. It’s nocturnal and is one of those who come out of the dark to frighten us. The other symbol of Scorpio is the Eagle. It glides through it’s dominion searching from great heights for its sustenance. It too is a predator, but it’s majesty and graceful flight aligns with our ability to see things from a new perspective.

As we scan our lives for these needed changes, we also have some hefty planetary influences happening at the same time. We have Uranus in Taurus at 14 degrees, exactly opposing the Sun and Moon. Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected events that bring about awakening. It is the energy of freedom and seeking an unrestricted life. In the sign of Taurus, the sign that rules financial security, creature comforts, and food and its distribution, our frustrations are paramount. We may be forced to endure anxiety and stress, as Taurus is not a sign comfortable with change. But with these changes forced upon us, there has come immense freedom and liberation for many of us: freedom from being attached to a lifestyle we could no longer afford, financially or otherwise. We are under transformation, as I’ve said before, and if we work with the planetary energies we can pry ourselves out of our dormancy and move into our new improved life. It may not look like what we thought we were going to be doing at “our age” or “this time in our life”, but it is our life.

So in this time of the year, when the leaves are turning colors and falling from the trees, we see transformation in action. We see the world around us changing daily, with new rules, new limitations, and mandates. With the luminary and planetary influences, and Mars joining the fight in the sign of Scorpio, it’s time to fly high or sink to the depths of misery. Which fork in the road will you take? In the desire to control, the Scorpio energy can make us feel as if we are backed into a corner and need to come out fighting. But that isn’t the only solution.

Saturn in Aquarius squares the Sun and Moon, and Uranus, creating the familiar T-Square! And in this configuration, the outlet for answers comes from Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn in this sign brings an innate distrust of groups, and/or a cynical attitude toward society. Saturn here teaches we cannot escape our responsibilities or break all the rules to get a desired outcome. This humanitarian energy influences us to look around us and help others as well as ourselves. There are many out there that are truly in need, and when we find our part of the fix, we access our power. There are many ways to help others, and as we find ourselves transforming; we see a wave of humanity by our side, doing their part. Share. Share what you have, share what you’ve learned, and bridge this gap of fear of lack with a generous heart. With that comes freedom.

What do I suggest? A lovely journey through your chakra system, to investigate from the inside out. These hold the keys to our being, our beliefs that run us, and the guidance we all need. If you haven’t journeyed here before, there are many books, many classes to enlighten you to the “how to” of working this system. But simply put, they represent all parts of your life, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health or lack of it. You can find the hidden secrets you’ve kept from yourself in order to live a new existence. It will be well worth your time.

My best to you all in these difficult times. Rise to the occasion and seek your best life to lead. The answers are there for the asking.

Judy Crescenzo

Connect to the magic of Judy


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