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The Autumnal Equinox 9/22/2021

At 12:09 PM PDT on September 22nd, the Sun enters 0 degrees Libra 0 minutes. This is the first moment we enter astronomical Autumn. Meteorological Autumn begins September 1st and ends November 30th. But, speaking as an astrologer, I follow the astronomical seasons, and this year Fall begins September 22nd.

At this moment it is like the changing of the guard, bringing in Libra Sun as the herald of the new season. We say goodbye to Summer, and welcome in the second half of the year. In astrology, we recognize that New Year’s Eve is a date that really doesn’t relate to the beginning of the year; the start of the year begins with the Sun entering Aries. Now, we enter the Fall season with Libra, a Cardinal Sign, to be followed by Scorpio (Fixed Sign), and ending with Sagittarius (Mutable Sign). Every season goes this way; a beginning, a middle and end. Over the three months of each season, we are given an opportunity to shift gears and approach life differently.

Libra is a Cardinal Sign, indicating leadership, the beginning of a season. On the Equinox there is equal day to night, and likewise, Libra is all about equality and balance. This energy wants everyone to have a voice, when in a leadership position. Libra is active/male/yang in its polarity, but is a gentle and compromising power. This can make it difficult to find its leadership opportunities, as its nature is to take no sides, but see all sides.

Libra is an Air Sign, intellectual and psychological. It is a very social sign with the motto the more the merrier! But, Libra’s seek balance through isolation at times, to recharge their batteries and rethink their strategy. This energy is so mental and fair, sometimes making it hard to make a commitment to a decision. This can be overcome with discipline and courage.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet that rules love and attraction, affection, and values. The arts, music, harmony and beauty are important to Librans, and at this time of year, we are all inspired in this way. The symbol for Libra is the scales of justice, but it can also be viewed as a half setting sun below the horizon; denoting the first half of the year culminating and the second half begun. Balance, equality, harmony and peace are all important at this time.

So let’s look at the chart of this momentous occasion. Mars joins the Sun in a conjunction at 5 degrees Libra. This brings a desire to strive for a balance between acting independently and assertively - and working cooperatively and interdependently with others. You may feel frustrated at times that you cannot simply do what YOU want to, that you must always accommodate the needs and desires of others. Or you may feel hesitant to act in a positive, assertive manner if you do not have the support and approval of other people. Either way, you are not a loner. You achieve your goals by collaborating and joining forces with others, by being a team player.

The Sun in Libra has a wide Trine to Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect brings us self-discipline and self-awareness. If you are ambitious and are willing to work hard to put your vision into action, this blessed aspect can help. Saturn's naturally conservative instincts lead us on a safe and sure path although it may well be a slow one. Being of sound judgment and reliability, people will tend to trust you; these qualities alone may put you in a position of leadership at some point.

Also at this time we have a Cardinal T-Square between the Moon at 21 degrees Aries, Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn, and Mercury at 24 degrees Libra. (Details for what a T-Square is is written in the prior Full Moon article.) On this occasion, Pluto in Capricorn is the “referee” of these aspects, with the direction to follow. These planets and luminary are all yang polarity, emotionally challenging (Moon) and intellectually testing our thinking (Mercury) to ignite our courage to stand up for our beliefs. So, if we listen to Pluto, the destroyer of limitations, in the sign of Capricorn, we will work hard to put our practical affairs in order with regards to business and commerce. Times, they are a-changin, and with that, so are we. Time to take more control of our lives.

My favorite way to celebrate the new season is to make a circle of stones, large enough to walk around in, usually on the sand by the ocean. I divide the circle into four sections with stones, representing the seasons. The circle to me depicts the solar year. I begin my walking meditation in the East, and enter the circle there. In each quadrant I consider my life and what it has become, with the season in mind. I give thanks to each moment of learning and growing, and forgive myself for my misunderstandings and foibles. In this way I am grateful, for all that life has brought me along the way. After visiting each section, I exit from the way I entered, and close the wheel. It is my prayers left where they were made, and the Earth receives them with honor. Together we can make the world a better place for all of us; use the courage of this momentous event to set the tone for a sacred second half of our Solar year.

Judy Crescenzo

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