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Taurus Full Moon Ritual 10/31/20

Taurus Full Moon 10/31/20

Element: Earth

Candle Colors: Pink, Green and Brown

Using the power energy of the Taurus Full Moon to help clear your old sorrows and pains towards self-love, self-worth, abundance, sensual pleasures and stubbornness to allow these positive energies to flow through you with ease.

Taurus Full Moon allows you to pull out the weeds and overgrown past from your inner garden to heal and manifest these into your reality. The Heart Energy Point allows you to heal old wounds that were planted by others that you accepted as truth because you weren't tapped into your self worth and inner love.

It's time to CLEAR - baby - CLEAR these childish wounds and LOVE your inner child that came into this world to experience the purest form of love and appreciation for ALL that IS!!!

To help you find clarity and understanding, ask yourself these questions and answer them with your heart fully open to the truth, even if it means you have to take responsibility for your

“side of the street.”


~What makes you feel sensual? Is there anything blocking you from

feeling these feelings?

~What makes you feel loved? Have/When have you loved yourself so much that it didn’t matter if the “world” loved you?

~What makes you feel worthy of a great life? Can you visualize this

“life” with ease or is it hard to see good things happen to you?

These are a few questions to answer before you start your moon journey in Taurus.

By answering these questions you are easily able to see what blocks you from believing these are YOURS to have. To know that you are deserving of love, joy, pleasure and money. These are your birth rights!! By handwriting these, you are also able to see what you truly desire in your heart and this can help you to be more focused when manifesting these feelings and desires into your reality!

What you will need for the Full Moon Clearing:


*Bowl of water


Grab your paper, pen, candle and matches.

*Loose paper, pen and sharpie marker

- Write 10 blocks you would like to

clear from your pathway

*Candle(s) - What color grabs your attention? Choose the one that

stands out in your “minds eye” more than the others.

First, handwrite a list of 10 clearings that will support your heart to feel safe to open and what behaviors/relationships have you outgrown in your life at this moment in time.

Second, take your candle(s) and with a sharpie write on the candle what you “gain” when you clear these blocks and fears from your heart and your spiritual world.

(These will be the positives of letting go, what can now be planted.)

Third, listen to “heart opening" music and hold your candle in your left hand next to your heart, while visualizing the beauty that can now grow from the new open spaces within your heart.

Fourth, light your paper and send your pain, fears and old wounds up to the universe to clear. Let the paper burn out and when it’s getting close to fully being engulfed into flames, drop it into the bowl of water to put it out.

Then take the bowl of burnt paper and water outside and throw it into nature so it becomes the soil that doesn't “define” you, but instead INSPIRES you to shift and open into your heart.”

Fifth, light your candle with a match and see the black smoke disappear into a flame that is ignited with hope. Allow your candle to burn all the way out. (2-10 days)

*safety first* - Make sure your candle is always monitored and never

leave in an unsafe area. If you have to blow out your candle for safe keeping, you may relight it again, just always hold your intentions in your heart first and then relight it.

Full Moon Affirmation: “I am surrounded by love that is easily grounding in my

heart and soul”

Have a wonderful time, enjoy and let the universe guide you in feeling

safe in your heart to allow love in!!

You are special and you deserve to feel the love of Mother Earth in all that you do!

Blessings to you all,


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