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Super Full Moon in Sagittarius 2022

On June 14th at 4:51 AM PDT the Sun and Moon oppose each other, creating a beautiful visual display of this Super Moon. The Moon is closest to Earth in its orbit and makes for a bright and beautiful event! The Sun and Moon, in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, are both stationed at 23 degrees 25 minutes.

As with every Full Moon, we are looking at goals, dreams and promises we made to ourselves on the New Moon. It is a time of culmination and the reveal. How did it turn out? Did we manifest our intentions, or not act on our behalf? Well, now on this Super Full Moon in

Sagittarius, we can delve deep to see how we did. Not just surface answers, like yes or no; but the core belief behind what affected our actions. These two signs can represent our right and left brain, Gemini representing logic, facts, experience; and Sagittarius our inner knowing, intuition and higher beliefs. It can be a time of opening up ourselves to seeing things differently.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire Sign. Mutable as it represents the last month of Fall before Winter sets in. As changeable as that time of year is, so are Mutable signs; flexible and adaptive. The Fire element lights the way for others to follow, showing courage, insight and creativity. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, larger than life. This is a benefic planet, imbuing us with optimism, bravery and humor. This Full Moon can be a celebration, as the energy is there for honoring each other and ourselves.

On this occasion these luminaries are blessed with a trine (Sun) and sextile (Moon) to Saturn. With all this lofty imagining and big dreams, Saturn in Aquarius brings it down to Earth to assist in more than just talk. In this sign, Saturn adds a methodical, scientific approach to plans, keeping them grounded.

But, at the same time these luminaries are involved in a T-Square to Neptune in Pisces. This is where we can go off the rails, dreaming the impossible dreams in a world where chaos exists. We can lose our way and be deterred off our path if we don’t think clearly and stay grounded.

With the ruling planet of Sagitarrius, Jupiter, in the sign of Aries, we are given personal strength and power to achieve our objectives. I think we can use this occasion to use our body, mind and spirit like a lightning rod. We can imagine, or do physically. See yourself standing in a beautiful outdoor setting. Feel the temperature on your skin; breathe in the fragrance of your location. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply, and exhale, while centering yourself. Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground, even see the Earth’s energy pulsing like a heartbeat into the soles of your feet. At the same time see the crown of your head emanating a light that begins to grow brighter and brighter. Know you are using your body as your tool to send and receive light, energy, information, and healing. Continue to breathe in and out slowly acknowledging the power you are receiving from Mother Earth and Father Sky and be grateful.

This Super Full Moon is a brilliant one, physically and metaphorically. Wherever you live, if you have the opportunity to view this Moon on the night before or in the early morning, you won’t be sorry!

Take a “Moon Bath” by lying under the Moon, stars and planets and open your mind to the unknown. Couldn’t be a better time.

Judy Crescenzo

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