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Summer Solstice 2020

Summer Solstice 2020 The Summer Solstice is the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere, and has traditionally been celebrated as the longest day of the year. But there is much more to this celebration of light with all the planets and luminaries playing their part in this occasion.

On June 20th at 2:44 PM, PDT, the Sun enters Cancer. At 11:41 PM that evening there is a Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Cancer. With this energy changing from the Air sign of Gemini into the Water sign of Cancer, our attention is turned to our home, our families, our emotions, and our ability to nurture and be nurtured. There alone is a reason to celebrate the brightest day of our solar year, as it is most sacred to us all. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, and is a cardinal sign of leadership as it begins the new season. We have left behind Spring and are moving into summer in our Northern Hemisphere with this sign heralding summer’s first of three months.

In our immediate past summer has been a time for family gatherings, sharing food, ideas, conversations. A time to celebrate the warmer weather, to get out and travel about, short and long distances. Now we look to our collective futures and wonder how can we celebrate when all isn’t right in our world?

Consider the fear that is world wide at this time. Consider the power behind this energy and how, when compounded, can be its own force to reckon with. Like a poltergeist, this energy can manifest and grow to disrupt our lives and health even more. It is time to turn to our Universal Mother; whoever that represents to you. Time to call upon that bedtime story that puts our fears to rest and tucks us into bed safe and sound, looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. We have an opportunity to create a new tradition, one that is truly sacred and yet different than we have experienced before. The Cancer Sun and Moon together on this occasion are normally all about tradition, our ancestors and how we got here. It inspires us to find our heritage, our birthrights, and learn about our culture. The deeper we dig into our personal histories we find we are related to our fellow man/woman in ways that inspire unity. We all have bodies, we all have parents, we have our “personal stories” we have built our lives upon.

We are all in the family of human beings. Now we can reunite and see our family and use Motherly love to teach and learn together. The Mother energy gives life and

sustenance to it’s creation or ward, whether it is human, flora or fauna. The Sun and Moon entering the sign of Cancer opens the doorway to a new future of our own making. We can build this new reality with love in mind. We can use the communication skills gained through the Sun in Gemini to now speak honestly and clearly about our next creation. We all need to search our own hearts to find our connection to what sustains us, what nurtures us, and never neglect to reserve that for ourselves. Mother’s tend to put themselves last, and that unbalance is not productive. It models a behavior of martyrdom for our children and is here to be reevaluated. We can awaken to new patterns, more value, more respect. Look at your own Mother and what she taught you. Are they patterns worth repeating or are you ready to break the chain. I believe we are here for self improvement which helps our future generations to think and act more clearly. To value themselves and each other for what they have to share with the world.

So take this moment to celebrate your uniqueness. Build upon this time to change your world for the better. Find ways to celebrate these energies by improving yourself and becoming the best version of you. We can all turn the corner together and encourage the best from each other. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind but color it with love. Come from your heart and speak the truth and see what happens.

Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse/New Moon and the potentials it brings to us all. With the Sun and Moon showing us our brightness and our shadow self simultaneously the emotional body is opened up to purge all the pessimistic feelings. Work with this flood of light energy to cleanse and nurture your essence. Change is inevitable so take control of what you have before you and give it all you’ve got.

Judy Crescenzo

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