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Seek the Higher Ground Always...

Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter Conjunctions of 2020

The force of the alignments the planets are making is all about change; from the ground up. Astrologers and many others saw a tidal wave of energy coming our way; with the potential to level us, or to bring about big changes. It began with Saturn in Capricorn in concert with Pluto in Capricorn. The time frame for this close alignment was 12/29/19-1/31/20. Saturn rules structure, building the foundation, government, rules....and the consequences of our actions. Pluto is the destroyer; it rules death and transformation. It breaks down structures in order to rebuild them. There is a power struggle between these energies that force us to change our usual lives and habits, and transform our social order.

Then Jupiter joins with Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn from: 3/29/20 until 4/5/20 for the first of three conjunctions 6/22/20-6/30/20 for the second 11/7/20-11/13/20 at 22 degrees for the third

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, with the energy to expand upon the sign it’s in, and planets it travels with. It is a blessed planet with generosity and indulgence tendencies. Here Jupiter and Pluto can stir the pot up and enlarge the Capricorn principle of building a new foundation. Pluto wants to blow it all up, and like the Phoenix rise from the ashes brand new. Jupiter in Capricorn is practical, hard working and goal oriented. Both in Capricorn have the goal of strong beginnings and are not afraid to start from scratch.

This inspiration peaks on these days. What does it mean for you? You are witnessing and part of a huge transformation that is taking place right now. You are being tested, your beliefs are being tested, the very foundation of your being is being tested. Is it true anymore? Can you count on anything you used to count on? We are under construction, our new foundations are being created on shaky ground or firm concrete. We must begin at the beginning, one more time, in order to find the feather of truth within our hearts.

The first thing to look at is what are we still afraid of? What limits us? Is it really true anymore? Then to ask ourselves, what can I do about it? May I suggest a journey you can take to find the answers time and time again to these questions.

Journey Meditation:

Sit or lie comfortably where you won’t be disturbed for a while. Create this space for yourself and once you do, surrender to it. Be at peace and grateful for this time. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing, as it slows down and becomes rhythmic, it leads you to that place between the here and now.

As you open your inner eyes, you find yourself looking at your library, your personal library. It can take place in any form, so do not compare or judge it’s appearance, but do take note to remember. Find your way into your library through the opening and look around. Face all

directions and take in how your personal library looks. Discover how to find information either through an apparatus or a librarian or a guide to help you. Here you can ask any question, research any answer, receive help that information can provide you. You have full access to your past, your present and your future; as it pertains to your current questions.

When you have satisfied your curiosity for today, once again look over your library in gratitude. You are grateful for the help you received, the insights you’ve gained, and the wisdom it’s provided you. Find your way out of your library and to the path that led you there. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly before returning to your physical awareness. At this point I suggest you write down what you’ve experienced, as journeys are fleeting like dreams; best captured and recorded right away. We all have resources within us to access. The old adage, knock and the door will be opened to you. Sometimes we forget to ask for help, for understanding; but here with practice you will KNOW you will receive help and answers. You can build that connection between you and Spirit and know you aren’t alone. Ever.

These are powerful times, this is a powerful year! The whole planet is reeling from these planetary transits, and we are all under construction. Another big event on it’s way; The Summer Solstice/New Moon Eclipse! Seek the higher ground always and watch our world and our lives transform.

Judy Crescenzo

(email for a private session)

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