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Second New Moon in Aries for this year, and a Solar Eclipse!

We have some wonderful events coming; a Hybrid Solar Eclipse on April 19th, 2023 beginning at 6:37 PM, PDT; peaking at 8:16 PM and ending at 9:56 PM. Then, the following day is the second New Moon in Aries at 1:13 AM PDT.

Let’s begin with the Eclipse. This year Eclipse season began on April 8th and will culminate May 10th. We have a “Hybrid” Solar Eclipse on the 19th; a hybrid solar eclipse is a rare type of solar eclipse that changes from annular to total and vice versa along its path. This only happens about once every 10 years, and this time around it will only be visible from the southern Indian Ocean, parts of Antarctica, most of Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, most of Oceania, Southeast Asia, and the western Pacific Ocean. What is so special about an Eclipse you may ask yourself? Well, it signifies not only a spectacular event to view when possible, but much more for us as individuals. Astrologers believe an eclipse is a life-changing time to seek change and usher in evolution. These shifts do not take place all at once, though. They may start or continue on an eclipse, but their work continues throughout the period when eclipses are occurring in the same set of signs. We have been experiencing the Taurus/Scorpio axis since January 18th, 2022; bringing us to our knees regarding values and what we hold dear to our hearts. It is between physical needs and metaphysical ones. We are nearing the end of this axis, when the North Node of the Moon moves into the sign of Aries on July 12th. What have you learned?

The North Node indicates a direction to move towards that hasn’t been explored before, one that challenges our behaviors to break old cycles. In the sign of Taurus, the North Node cycle activates the parts of your chart that govern your income, values and resources. At this time you may have radically changed the way you spend, earn and invest. Surprising new career and relationship opportunities can spring up, ones that will require you to adopt an evolved new mindset about your money. While considering this the South Node in Scorpio divulges the shadow work that society must deal with together in order to evolve. So here we’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow in a physical way, manifesting and steering towards fulfillment, monetarily speaking. But what fear has blocked you if it has? We are coming to an end of these lessons, and preparing for new lessons to come. So, on this occasion, take a deep long look at these potentials and whether or not you’ve come to a place of stasis, of knowing how to operate in this physical world for best results.

The following day, April 20th at 9:12 PM PDT is the second New Moon in Aries. The Sun and Moon share the last degree of Aries, at 29 degrees 49 minutes. The last New

Moon in Aries occurred on March 21st just following the Vernal Equinox. This one is saying, “Don’t forget what you began then, let’s get it right!” We are just hours away from the Sun moving into the sign of Taurus (4/20 at 1:13 AM PDT), so with the opportunity to maximize on our double Aries vision, let’s remember some things. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet that drives our individuality and strength of purpose. It is a Cardinal Fire Sign, one of new beginnings and power. Have you allowed yourself to recognize your own brilliance as an individual, one with a destiny all their own? If not, there’s still time;) You have a second chance to ignite your inner fire to get things accomplished. Remember when you were a young child and life seemed exciting, you had hope and aspirations without fear of ridicule? That’s available to you now, not dialing back the years, but the feeling. It’s time to access that sense of self and work through the issues that block you from knowing this truth. You know what they say about goals, you set them, you get them. So set your intention to begin again, to know the energies are working with and for you to accomplish your greatest dreams. Keep your eye on the prize; self realization. And remember, the New Moon is all about the genesis of an advancement in life to be culminated once the Moon is Full in that sign. This will occur September 29th, 2023.

So, with this double loaded occasion, let the fireworks begin! Stand tall and know your life is important, that you are someone unlike anyone else with a divine purpose. Find that purpose and act upon it.

Thank you Judy Crescenzo

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