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In my last article I spoke at length about the Taurus/Scorpio axis Eclipse cycle beginning. But this article is about the culmination of the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipse cycle, ending with the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. This occurs December 3rd, at 11:43 PM PST.

This cycle began with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th, 2020. By this time we were well on our way into the pandemic, and the changes in our thinking and belief systems were underway. This was followed by:

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 11/30/2020

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 12/14/2020 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 5/26/2021 Solar Eclipse in Gemini 6/10/21

This Eclipse cycle drove home the messages having to do with our thinking minds, Gemini, and our beliefs and philosophies, Sagittarius. Being presented with the startling events of this period, we’ve been forced to take up new conversations, change our way of thinking, look to new truths to live by. Gemini is an Air Sign, ruled by Mercury, and like Mercury is the Messenger of the zodiac. Air Signs value intellect, transmitting information, and imparting knowledge. It is a flexible energy being a Mutable Sign (last of a season ready to change). Gemini energy is aloof and cool, where Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, anything but cool. Ruled by Jupiter, everything is exaggerated, larger than life. This opposite energy inspires a fiery temperament, which can be used creatively, or at times frustrated and angry. It’s all about the proper outlet.

We have been learning all about what we thought was true changing. Our right and left brains have had a real workout; the good news is Gemini and Sagittarius are both Mutable signs. This flexibility to see, categorize, and learn with the different stimuli from the news, to the internet, to daily conversations changing, has led us to the crossroads; culminating with this Full Solar Eclipse. What do you know to be true? What do you believe is true? Time to list all of the new understandings you have now, having been shoved through the eye of a needle to this new reality. It has been a truly enlightening time; but all of this is about to change with the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse cycle beginning.

A Total Solar Eclipse is a powerful event. It opens up a portal for us to see beyond our current situation. What do we wish to dream into being? Let us culminate with some powerful changes in how we see the world. We are a spark of the Divine, and with that spark comes creativity. The shut down of our world gave many the time and interest in exploring their creativity, from writing to building, to improving their lives in skills they never developed before. Many got the idea to “homestead” or “live off the grid”, feeling confident in the adventure life offers us. Others lost or quit their professions, forced to look in new directions for their livelihood. When you look at this past period of time you will see the changes it brought to your life as well.

We are at the point of graduation, having been shown and learned this topic very well. We are about to move on to new lessons, but first, let's REALLY celebrate this moment. There are some planetary influences at work here, adding to this event. The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 12 degrees Sagittarius, and Mercury is not far away at 15 degrees Sagittarius. This adds even more power to this already mental occasion. In this sign the focus is on higher learning, religion, philosophy, long distance extremely positive time for studying and writing.

These luminaries are also sextile Saturn at 9 degrees Aquarius, bringing an electric quality to our thinking, making us susceptible to inventiveness and original ideas. Saturn helps to bring these insights down to Earth, into new structures.

Last but not least, the Sun and Moon are inconjunct Uranus at 11 degrees Taurus.

Taurus is all about the physical world, our comforts, money, and being very grounded. Sagittarius is the visionary, not always grounded but shooting the arrow into the sky to see where it lands. We are being asked to adjust our needs to better reflect our vision of our future. We are encouraged to not fear change, but to be able to adapt where before we may have held on tighter to our old lives.

So, leading up to, and on this date; take a trip down memory lane. Look over all that you have learned about yourself and the world in this last Eclipse cycle. Give thanks for the insights you’ve gained, and create a new life built upon an open mind. Let go of old limiting thoughts and beliefs, fears and phobias, and release it from your body. It will feel like you’ve been wearing a cement overcoat; so heavy and restricting.

Let your mind soar and connect with the bigger picture.

Judy Crescenzo

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