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New Moon Solar Eclipse June 10th, 2021

On June 10th, 2021 at 3:53 AM PDT the Sun and Moon conjoin at 19 degrees Gemini 47 minutes. And, we have an Annular Solar Eclipse! Last month was the Lunar Eclipse, presenting us doorways opening emotionally; but this Solar event is a “soul-ar” push. When we have a total solar eclipse, the Moon passes directly between the Earth and the Sun, completely obstructing the Solar light. But, during an Annular Eclipse, the Moon doesn’t completely cut off the light, it creates a visible ring of fire. Depending where you are on the planet is if you will see it; best place to view it is Central and Eastern Canada.

With this Luminary Event in the sign of Gemini, and with Mercury Retrograde joining up at 20 degrees Gemini; time to put on our thinking caps! Gemini is an Air Sign ruled by Mercury, so with this triple hit of “Twin Energy”, we can go one of two ways. The upside is that our communication center of our bodies is charged with usable energy, sparking endless ideas; and we can do our best writing, speaking, getting a message across that we have been pondering. The downside can be confusion, doubt, scattered energy that is unsettling. It is a Mutable sign, meaning flexible, changeable, malleable.

The planet Neptune presents a square at 23 degrees Pisces, a challenge. While Gemini is very logical and scans the surface, Pisces wants to dive deep into the emotions for the feather of truth. The challenge here is to use our right and left brains in harmony. To see the truth of any/all situations through the third eye, or inner sight; while tangibly setting goals on how to achieve the results.

What needs to be said? What information do you have to share with others? Do you hesitate to come out of the darkness into the light of a new day? We have all been through life changing events, personally and globally. Where do you stand in your new truth? With the lightest and longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice coming on June 20th at 8:31 PM PDT, this New Moon Solar Eclipse sets the pace for the new you.

Our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are all hungering for a metamorphosis. Like the cocoon readying to open and release the butterfly, we are ready to soar, if only we feel worthy and ready. Sure, we can make excuses of how life has held us back, kept us dormant, changed our hopes and dreams; or with our new understanding we can recreate within the new reality we are living in. All of these energies are Mutable, Gemini and Pisces, so we are encouraged to let go and free ourselves.

Spiritually speaking, we are cleaning house, making way for new thoughts, new levels of learning, and new ways of communicating. We went through the dark times in order to reach out to the light. Don’t let this time be wasted on worries and fears, allow yourself to open up to receive the highest communications through contemplation, meditation and trance work. It is an extremely creative time, and as new ideas come to you, be the first to act upon it, and you win! How many times have you had a thought to create something and not acted on it, only to find someone else created it before you! That’s what this time is about, a major download of new ideas and flashes of brilliance in all categories of life.

So, it is a hopeful time of this buildup of light and illumination. We all have an opportunity to live a more fulfilling life, the life we want to live. Step out of the old, outworn limitations, and dream a bigger dream. It is yours if you make it so.

Judy Crescenzo

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