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New Moon in Virgo 2022

On August 27th at 1:17 AM PDT, the Sun and Moon are joined at 4 degrees Virgo 4 minutes. Here we are setting our intentions for what we are creating, which will culminate on the Full Moon in Virgo March 7th, 2023. When we are bathed in this energy, we set our intentions according to this influence.

Virgo is a Mutable Earth Sign. It is signaling the last month of Summer, crops are finishing their life cycle and fully abundant, and hopefully your cheeks are sunkist! It is a glorious time of year with hints of Autumn in the air. It is an Earth Sign, grounded, practical and dedicated to doing a good job. No matter what the job may be, Virgo’s are perfectionists, and details matter. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, along with Gemini until another planet is found in our system.

Mercury is the messenger, ruling the mind and intellect, and Virgo’s tend to be dedicated to service and caring for Earth’s beings. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin. Virgin’s are pure and right; and Virgo’s strive to be just that. The symbol also encompasses fertility and the process one must undertake to bear fruit, in the field and at home.

So the wisest objective at this time of our creation, is to see what a double hit of Virgo can bring us. It has to do with all that this sign rules; our health, our work, service to others, our habits and cleanliness, how organized we are. We know when we set a New Moon goal, it will marinate in our mind over time and bring results through the actions we take. The six months it takes from New Moon to Full Moon, in the same sign, informs us we can breathe, think clearly and make a plan. Look around you, what needs to be done, something you may have been putting off but would feel great to have it behind you? Any mental busywork, or cleaning out a room and reorganizing the closet, or tidying up the garden at the end of the season are healthy Virgoan goals.

One issue can be an exact square to the Sun and Moon from Mars at 4 degrees Gemini. This abundance of mental download can make one irritable, aggressive and impatient. You must watch what you say and do to others at this time.

The good news is this nervous energy can get you involved and stop putting off what needs attention. Just remember to speak to others how you wish to be spoken to.

The second issue is a T-Square between Venus in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. These fixed signs are stubborn and dug in. The relief here comes from Uranus in Taurus. Changes need to happen in our world, and these changes begin at home. There may be surprising money issues that force us to see life differently, or scarcity where there once was abundance. Not only the world needs to change, but our lives in the midst of it. If you prepare for any shortcomings you won’t be as affected by what comes your way.

We have an opportunity to consider what direction we are being pulled in. How can we improve ourselves and our surroundings in order to be a better person in the world? One thing to resist at this time is making excuses due to low self esteem. This critical sign (Virgo) can be a downer if you nitpick and tear apart any sense of goodness. Set doable goals for yourself and those you care about, and slow but sure implement them into your lives. Take an initiative that improves your health and well being, work on projects that bring you joy, and follow the Golden Rule. You will be better for it and those lives you touch will be too!

Thanks to this beautiful goddess, Judy Crescenzo for always sharing her wisdom and magic with us! For a private reading please email her :

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